Eating Your Way Around Midtown Crossings

On Tuesday April  9, sign up  to eat  with Dishcrawl  Across Omaha as they partake in an eating tour of three Midtown Crossing’s restaurants. Your taste buds will not be disappointed.
“Locals  and  visitors  alike  will  appreciate  this  true  culinary  adventure,  a  mouthwatering  multi-­plate  tour  featuring  three  chefs  in  Midtown  Omaha  showing  off  their  talents,”  says  Dishcrawl  Founder,  Tracy  Lee.  “Dishcrawling  is  a  fantastic  way  to  bring  the  community  together  with  local  chefs  who  are  bringing  exciting  new  things  to  our  culinary  scene.”
Reserve your tickets now. Reservations are limited. The tour...

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Food Focus: Fish & Chips

It’s a little challenging to ask people about the best place for fish & chips smack in the middle of Lent because everyone wants to sway the subject toward their favorite place to go for a Friday night fish fry. I’ve never been to a fish fry (not from lack of wanting – I’ve just never made it to one), but since these only last during Lent, I need to know about where to go the rest of the year. Where do people go for fish & chips, you know, on a Tuesday in November?

I did manage to get some opinions out of people after I assured them that yes, I fully intend to someday visit a fish fry during Lent, and would they please stop changing the subject and tell me what their favorite place for...

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Who Doesn’t Love Beer and Food?

On Thursday, April 3 plan on heading to the Blatt Beer and Table, 610 N. 12th St., for their Wasatch Beer Dinner starting at 6 p.m. For $35 per person, you get a four-course dinner with beers to match. Reservations are required. Tax and gratuity are not included. To reserve your seat, contact Larissa at or 402.718.8822. See below for the awesome menu that is sure to get your stomachs growling.

Wasatch Beer Dinner Menu

Welcome Beer
White Label Belgian-Style White Ale

First Course
Falafel Bites with housemade tzatziki sauce
Wasatch Ghostrider White IPA

Second Course
Beer Cheese Soup with Wasatch 1st Amendment Lager, chives,...

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Craft, Comfort, and Room to Grow: A Review of Wilson and Washburn

In a town saturated with bars, bar and restaurant Wilson and Washburn is brimming with potential. The decor of the bar is dark and warm with a hint of sexy, as images of burlesque dancers are framed on the brick walls. A large wooden apothecary holds shelves of spirits, 24 taps of local and international beers, and two large flat screen televisions. A staircase angles up the back of bar near the kitchen, leading to a lounge area upstairs with a capacity for 50 people, perfect for parties or work functions. Located a block from the Orpheum Theater, Wilson and Washburn is barely on the outskirts of the Old Market, with better bets for parking and avoiding the overspill from the core of...

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Getting Up Close and Personal

Kitchen Table is planning their first series of Summer Sunday Suppers.  Every 3rd Sunday of the Month, They will offer a 4-Course Sunday Supper that will feature 2 honored guests; a farmer and a producer that help make Kitchen Table’s menu possible. The entire Sunday Supper menu will focus on what the guest farmers have provided with an opportunity to get up close and personal with attendees about their passions for doing what they do. Tickets to the Summer Sunday Suppers will be sold in advance starting in May 2014. If you are interested in more information about Kitchen Table’s Summer Sunday Suppers, visit


Benson Brewery...

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Mediterranean Bistro and Wine Bar : Hummus is Yummus

Living on the southern coast of Turkey for a couple years made me a bit of a snob when it comes to Mediterranean food back here in the States. I often find myself making smarmy comments along the lines of, “Oh, you think this is hummus? Too bad you can’t taste the hummus I ate when I lived on the southern coast of Turkey for a couple years.”

I know, I know – it’s annoying.

You can understand my trepidation about trying out the Mediterranean Bistro and Wine Bar, because after all, not only was I worried that I would be disappointed by the food but I was also a little afraid I might go into smarmy mode. That’s why I went with my friend Sara; she had recommended this place and hasn’t...

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Mediterranean Bistro and Wine Bar : Hummus is Yummus

Living on the southern coast of Turkey for a couple years made me a bit of a snob when it comes to Mediterranean food back here in ... more »

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