Think Yourself Thin?

* Worried about gaining 20 pounds over the holidays? Imagine yourself eating as much as you want instead of actually doing it and you might be able to keep the pounds off. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh discovered that repeated exposure to a certain food decreases your desire to eat more, even if you’re not eating anything, according to the latest issue of Science magazine. In one experiment, researchers asked half their participants to imagine eating 30 M&Ms and inserting three quarters into the slot of a laundry machine. The other half was told to envision themselves eating three M&Ms and inserting 30 quarters. Then, all the subjects were allowed to eat as...

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Sampler Platters

Let's say it’s Friday, and the sun has gone down. A wearisome set of days and a skipped lunch have you communicating with words like “I don’t know, what sounds good to you?” If this has or will hit somewhere close to your gut, you might consider adding the eclectic CRAVE to your mental register of last-minute haunts. CRAVE is situated in the center of Midtown Crossing’s ambitious cul-de-sac of small chain and start-up eateries. The glass V-adorned door opens to pleasant gold and red hues that descend steeply off a chandelier into the lounge below. One brilliant booth, beneath the entry, and plenty of bar tables are situated about the center for libations. Lofty windows offer a...

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Grey Plume is Green!

* The Grey Plume, which opened Dec. 10 at Midtown Crossing, was recently awarded three stars in sustainable building by the Green Restaurant Association, the organization's highest honor. In fact, The Grey Plume is the first restaurant in the country to receive such a rating. The restaurant is considered the greenest and most sustainable in the country and is the first in the world to meet SustainaBuild standards set out by the Green Restaurant Association. It's interior was built and furnished with repurposed and recycled materials, including salvaged wood and post-consumer recycled materials. It also recycles glass, paper, aluminum and plastic and uses recyclable and/or compostable...

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Clementine’s Produce & Provisions

* Even though spring’s a long way off, you can get a jump on locally sourced produce by signing up for a weekly delivery of fresh veggies from Gretna’s Clementine’s Produce & Provisions for $7.50 per person, per week. And no, you don’t have to commit to 10 pounds of cabbage if you can’t stand the stuff — just let them know and you’ll never have to see that in your box. The boxes will be available for 22 weeks, from May to September, and the cutoff for subscriptions is Feb. 15. For more information and/or details, go to or email them at to learn more. * Looking for a specific wine or liqueur or just feel...

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Foodies For Thought

Though no one seems to be able to agree on the final count, it’s safe to say that over 10,000 cookbooks are published every year. There are always standouts that make those year-end “best-of” lists, but there are also a great many that don’t get love or shelf space. Here are a few of this year’s notable cookbooks worth checking out this holiday season, for yourself or the foodie on your list. Two that will likely (and rightfully) be on many a shortlist are Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table, and Harold Magee’s Keys to Good Cooking. Greenspan is a terrific instructor and her latest is no exception. A patient teacher, her books are great resources for those intimidated...

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Bellevue’s Amarillo BBQ closes, Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act

* Bellevue barbecue standard Amarillo BBQ closed its doors Dec. 1. However, fans of the restaurant, which served Texas-style smoked meat, can take a piece of the eatery home with them via an online auction Friday, Dec. 11, at The restaurant was popular for its decor including retro memorabilia and plenty of license plates collected by its owner, Gordon Campbell, at flea markets primarily in Oklahoma and Texas. * A bill called the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act only awaits President Obama’s signature before going into effect. The bill promises current at-risk students more healthful school lunches — no more Cheetos. Schools that adopt the new standards will...

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