Approval of Stamps

At the end of the film Food, Inc., white words flash onto and fade into a black screen. The words, simple but poignant and, in some ways, naïve, encourage communities to advocate for the use of Food Stamps, now called EBTs or SNAP benefits, at Farmer’s Markets. The concept is a good first step to providing avenues of access to fresh fruits and vegetables for those struggling with food security. As of 2010 only 1.5 percent of farmer’s markets in Nebraska accepted Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, much lower than the still dismal national average of 7.5 percent. The problem with accepting SNAP benefits is that food stamps are no longer booklets of coupons. They are...

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Special Lenten edition!

Welcome to this special Lenten edition of Crumbs. Midtown sweets-lovers have two new options with last week’s opening of the shared Cold Stone Creamery/Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory space in Midtown Crossing, both offering rich, high-calorie goodness sure to tempt those who've decided to reacquaint themselves with fruits and vegetables until Easter. Venue Restaurant at 70th and Pioneers in Lincoln will host a four-course chef’s dinner on Wednesday, March 23 featuring fish sourced from south Pacific waters. Ahi tuna three ways, grilled squid salad and grilled marlin are just some of the featured dishes. The event starts at 7 p.m. and is $50 per person. For more information or to...

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<p>Some of the options available at George Paul Vinegar in Cody, Neb. </p> Like Nothing Else

I woke after a few hours of sleep on the first Saturday in January to drive from Omaha six hours west to ranch country, to visit a man who makes artisanal vinegar. I was affectionately referring to it as the vinegar pilgrimage among friends, family and seven people from Metropolitan Community College’s Institute for Culinary Arts who accompanied me. Even that weekend’s dour weather forecast didn’t squelch our enthusiasm. We loaded into a sports utility vehicle and one of those oversized trucks with four doors and an extra-long bed, thankful in the end when it snowed eight inches. I had met George Johnson of George Paul Vinegar at the Emerging Terrain dinner for 500 in October. The...

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<p>Dixie Quicks will now be located in the Hughes-Irons Building on Broadway in Council Bluffs. </p> Dixie Dash

It’s a restaurant, it’s an art gallery, it’s all around unique! It’s Dixie Quick’s and RNG Gallery, and it’s moving to Council Bluffs, Iowa. Fabulous, unforgettable, and flavorful, Dixie Quick’s is moving to the Hughes-Irons Building in Council Bluffs. The renovated building in the 100 Block of Broadway is home to the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce, the Hughes-Irons Lofts, and will soon be the address for the Omaha favorite Dixie Quick’s Restaurant and RNG Art Gallery. Dixie Quick’s owners Robert (Rob) Gilmer and chef Rene Orduna feature a blend of Southern Cooking with Cajun, Tex-Mex, and other Southern elements. Home cooking, comfort food, and great flavors...

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Loft 610 review plus food news

Last week Loft 610 Executive Chef Ben Ackland and the staff invited us to stop in and sample items from the Midtown Crossing restaurant’s revamped bar and cocktail menu. We started with a flight of the bar’s signature cocktails (available for $2 per shot on Thursday nights, if you want to sample them). All were variations on the martini, and most were on the sweet end of the spectrum. Their signature martini, the Loft610 — a Bombay Sapphire-based martini with lemonade, green tea, cucumber and strawberry — was a dead ringer for a Jolly Rancher candy, for example, but their Manhattan Loft — a variation of the classic bourbon-based martini that added a touch of lemon — was a...

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<p>A Reuben, shown here with a side of craisinberry mayonnaise, is featured on Tommy Colina’s menu along with 10 kinds of burgers, 10 chicken sandwiches, four hot dogs and 13 other sandwiches.  </p> ‘It’s All Good’

This is a good time to eat lunch in midtown Omaha. Midtown Crossing brought several restaurants to the area, and now Tommy Colina’s Kitchen has created a new midday choice just up the street. Tommy Colina’s Kitchen opened in October in the old Don Carmelo’s space at 35th and Farnam. It’s a locally owned, mostly-lunch restaurant offering a wide range of traditional favorites with some upscale twists. My wife and I visited on a Monday at 11:30 a.m. You first serve yourself from the beverage area, then seat yourself and order from a server. I tried the T.L.T. sandwich ($6.99), which offers thick-sliced turkey on griddled sourdough bread with craisinberry mayonnaise. The ingredients...

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