Pizza, Pizza, and Happy Hour

Industry Night and Weekday Reverse Happy Hour

As more and more people are shedding the 9-5 work week, Hiro Sushi is offering its popular Reverse Happy Hour on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Beginning March 28, the restaurant will offer the same great specials on sushi, appetizers, and drinks from 10 p.m. until midnight. The group is looking to capture the restaurant industry employees, who are unable to go out on Friday or Saturday nights, as well as others who enjoy a late meal as the economy and work schedules are ever changing.  You can check out their facebook page at or call them at 933.0091 for more information.

LaCasa Pizzaria's Spring Wine Event


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Free of Gluten, Full of Flavor

It’s 2007, and my mother has just entered the local pizza shop for the first time in a while. Her doctors have just told her she must avoid gluten, and her inquiries about gluten-free options on the menu are met with confusion. “What do you mean ‘Google free?’” the young woman behind the counter asks. Frustrated, my mom ends up with a boring and bland iceberg salad.

Yes, it was just a few short years ago that many of us had never even heard of gluten, the protein found in certain grains such as wheat, barley and rye. Think of it as the glue that keeps cookies from crumbling. Unfortunately, some folks have an adverse reaction to gluten, which can cause a host of health problems, the...

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Food Tax and New Restaurant Openings

The Cost of Dining Out: Meal Taxes in Major U.S. Cities
Ranked at the 42nd largest city, Omaha climbed the tax charts to land at the number six spot for highest meal tax. As any tourists and business travelers have learned, taxes on meals are sometimes higher than taxes on other goods. Of the 50 largest U.S. cities, 15 charge an additional meals tax on top of the regular sales tax, according to a new analysis by the Tax Foundation. Meals taxes generally apply to purchases of prepared food that are consumed either in a restaurant or taken to go for later consumption. Congratulations, Mayor Suttle, you win.

New Restaurant Openings in the Metro
J. Coco, Jennifer Coco's restaurant in...

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What a Trowel Can Do

A trowel doesn’t mean much to most people. A rather ordinary garden tool, it’s used to dig a small hole in already tended soil. It’s the final resource needed for growing to begin, with a quick stab of the soil and downward pull of dirt particles from their neighboring companions, in goes the plant – tomato, broccoli, melon. For many a trowel is a tool used for growing food, but for people like Eric Williams and Kurt Goetzinger, it’s for growing communities.

Four years ago Williams stood up in a Green Omaha Coalition meeting and said, “I live in Dundee, is anyone else interested in starting a garden.” At the time he was an apartment dweller in the area and wanted an opportunity to grow...

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<p>  Tour of Germany at Zum Biergarten</p> German Food Galore

Many Omahans can claim some form of German ancestry, and it really shows, not just in the number of hard-to-pronounce surnames, but also with the popularity of German restaurants. In a quest to find a few German gems in Omaha, I recently visited three distinctive local eateries.

My first stop was on bustling Leavenworth Street, in a modest building with the words “Gerda’s Bäckerei,” or bakery, painted on the side. Customers are greeted by an array of confections in the pastry case. A taste of the orange roll, a type of Danish with a sugary sweet citrus glaze, and the flaky German-style apple strudel proved exceptional.

Lunch choices are limited to cold deli sandwiches and a few...

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Best Burger, Best Service and Local Pizza Joint Featured Nationally

Local Pizza Shop Featured in National Trade Magazine
Dante’s Pizzeria Napoletana, and chef / owner Nick Strawhecker are featured in the February edition of Pizza Today, a monthly trade magazine catering to the independent pizza operators. Dante’s Pizzeria offers the only certified Neapolitan pizza in Omaha and features a menu focused on the slow food movement of building a menu based on relationships with local merchants based on seasonality. Go to to check out more on Dante’s and Pizza Today.

Mahogany Prime Omaha Named Top 100 for Best Service
In a time when service seems to be fading into the background, OpenTable asked their diner to identify the best of the best as...

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