Approval of Stamps

At the end of the film Food, Inc., white words flash onto and fade into a black screen. The words, simple but poignant and, in some ways, naïve, encourage communities to advocate for the use of Food Stamps, now called EBTs or SNAP benefits, at Farmer’s Markets. The concept is a good first step to providing avenues of access to fresh fruits and vegetables for those struggling with food security. As of 2010 only 1.5 percent of farmer’s markets in Nebraska accepted Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, much lower than the still dismal national average of 7.5 percent. The problem with accepting SNAP benefits is that food stamps are no longer booklets of coupons. They are...

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Rebirth of Bagels

Coming soon. The words on the hand-printed sign affixed to the glass doors of the rebuilt Bagel Bin, at 1215 S. 119th St., seem benign enough. But behind the hopeful words is the bittersweet story of a family-owned kosher bakery that went up in flames Jan. 7. The three-alarm blaze left a total loss of the beloved business the Brezack family opened in 1978. It meant starting from scratch, and a touchstone neighborhood place being out of commission. Owner Sue Brezack, whose late husband Joel started the Bin, says she and her family were inundated with expressions of concern. There was a lot of “Anything we can do for you? We hope you’re coming back.” The decision to rebuild was...

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Defining Delicious

MCC Chef-Instructor Brian O’Malley celebrates regional food Brian O’Malley ate out six times last week. This may seem strange for a former President (he served 2005-2007) and current publication chair for the Heartland Chapter of the American Culinary Federation — as well as Chef-Instructor who’s been at the Institute for the Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community College since 2003. If anyone were capable of setting a saliva-inspiring table or packing a brown bag full of flavor, it would be this man. For O’Malley, the case for dining out is simple. “In one day a chef probably makes more dishes than a person makes in their whole life,” O’Malley says. “It is the same...

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Thai Love

Laos Thai Restaurant serves homemade fare, made with love Love is one of the secret ingredients in Darunee Watkins’ dishes. “I like to cook,” she says. “Some people say my food tastes good; I put my love in there. When you love something, you put more attention in it.” Watkins owns, cooks and loves at Laos Thai Restaurant on S. 24th St. between J and K. Ten years ago an ethnic grocery selling specialty Thai and Lao foods opened in the space. Three years ago, Watkins’ friend expanded the grocery to include the current restaurant. Watkins worked in the restaurant, learning to cook from her friend who turned the operation over to Watkins when she had to relocate to New...

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