Mike Giron Murals

“Murals are a way of attracting traffic into a neighborhood,” Metro area artist, and teacher Mike Giron said. “They lift the spirits.” Giron often collaborates with Richard Harrison, Metro area artist, and business owner of A Midsummer’s Mural. Giron and Harrison, along with several individuals and organizations were recognized March 27 with a 2013 City of Omaha Community Excellence Award for their work on the Avanza mural located on the Park Avenue/Leavenworth Street corridor. Giron is now proposing a mural for the Midwest Photo Pro building at 4314 Leavenworth Street, a colorful “art for art sakes” design. “There are at least 8 murals on Leavenworth,” Giron said. “Since we have all these murals popping up, I wanted to do one that is purely design based.” They are hoping to raise $2000 through a crowd sourcing donation effort to help cover the cost of materials. The project, slotted for Spring/Summer 2013, is receiving donations at mikegiron.com/triangles Contributions of $20+ will receive a free print of the proposed mural design. Other honorees of the 2013 City of Omaha Community Excellence Award included Littleton Alston for the Musicians at Dream Plaza, Urban Village Development, and RDG for the “Tree of Life” on South 24th Street. The Governor will recognize all recipients at the State Capitol on April 2, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. http://www.mikegiron.com/gallery/murals/triangles/ , https://www.facebook.com/michael.giron.12

posted at 08:12 am
on Monday, April 01st, 2013


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