Les Femmes Folles…Ciao!

Les Femmes Folles and Caesium Gallery are proud to present LFF…Ciao! This farewell group exhibition features 30 artists celebrating the last two years of Les Femmes Folles. Founded by artist and arts writer Sally Deskins, Les Femmes Folles supports women in art.  It all started with a group exhibition two years ago and blossomed into an online journal, two published anthologies, and five visual exhibitions. It included countless talks, panels, performances, readings, and collaborations with artists and nonprofit organizations. LFF founder Deskins is moving to the eastern edge of the nation June 1, and wanted to say goodbye the same way she said hello. Artists in the show include LFF participants Rachel Mindrup, Sarah Rowe, Heather Peebles, Marvel Maring, Denise Brady, Bridget Eggers, Liz Dittrick, Fran Higgins, Trilety Wade, Ann Myers, Megan Loudon Sanders, Lynn Batten, Evelyn Katz, Lori Wegener, Sara Kovanda, Kristin Pluhacek, Laurie Sewell, Jill Rizzo, Megan Thomas, Kristin Lubbert, Erin Blayney, Molly Kiel, Linda Garcia Perez, Felicia Webster, Maureen Phalen and more; featuring work in collaboration with Bart Vargas, JJ Carroll, Larry Ferguson, Greg Higgins and Mike Scheef. The exhibition opens May 1, 6-9 pm and closes May 4, 12-4 pm. There will be a closing letterpress poetry reading at 3pm, organized by Laura Madeline Wiseman. Caesium Gallery, 4656 S. 60 Ave. 402.578.7938  https://www.facebook.com/#!/CaesiumGallery

posted at 10:45 am
on Monday, April 29th, 2013


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