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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crash & Burn Blues Jam

06:00 pm until 09:00 pm at Barley Street Tavern. FREE

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Tromboteam! Trombone Quartet

07:00 pm until 02:00 am at Strauss Performing Arts Center Recital Hall. $5.00 - $10.00

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Dicey Rileys

07:00 pm until 10:00 pm at Brazen Head Irish Pub.


- Free


TROMBOTEAM! Trombone Quartet

07:00 pm until 11:00 pm at Strauss Performing Arts Center Recital Hall.

TROMBOTEAM!, an established trombone quartet, seeks to inspire and entertain audiences of all ages throughout the country. This unique chamber ensemble prides itself on performing music of different styles and periods throughout history

- $5.00 - $10.00

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08:00 pm until 02:00 am at Duffy’s Tavern.

“An honest overtly-talented group of true artists, Eros and the Eschaton are full of creative spirit and ambient imagery that are nothing short of an atmospheric blessing.”

Weaving magic into shoegaze pop, Eros and the Eschaton are like the proverbial feast before the battle, painting with broad, colorful strokes against an ever-changing backdrop. “Injecting romanticism into dreampop forms… that range from Beach House on a warm day to Jeff Buckley and Ben Gibbard-flavored electric folk” (The Indy), Eros and the Eschaton are making “exquisite dream-gaze that carries you through the cloudspheres of your youth and fills your lungs with the breath of your first love and favorite songs…” (Philip Pledger, Estrangers). Their debut album, recorded in Greensboro, is scheduled for release August 13 on Bar/None Records.

- $5

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Billy Lurken

08:00 pm until 02:00 am at Firewater Grille. Contact Firewater Grille for cover charges


ORENDA FINK w/ Circuit des Yeux, Simon Joyner, Spires That in the Sunset Rise

08:00 pm until 02:00 am at O’Leaver’s Pub. Contact O'Leaver's Pub for cover charges



09:00 pm until 02:00 am at Slowdown.

“Everyone becomes sea urchins and rats at night,” says PAPA’s Darren Weiss, laughing slyly. “It’s the nature of being young.”

Like with an inside joke you know, you smirk along, succumbing to a moment of reverie. The suggestion of crawling so close to the dirt floods in bastard memories. And so, when the versatile drummer, singer and principle songwriter next puts his band’s musical efforts in simple terms such as, setting out to make “American soul music with a punk-rock mentality” on its forthcoming EP, A Good Woman is Hard to Find, you nod along, like, yeah that sounds about right.

There’s a poetic purity that runs through the songs, suggesting devious truths and well told lies, rolling along with a natural swagger that thoughtlessly evokes hard-hitting shakes and slow-swinging shimmies. Weiss’ earnest vibrato often takes on a Springsteen-like growl in its best moments, crooning reminiscences on “I Am The Lion King,” “I got to make a you a woman. You got to make me a man.” In each song’s groove there’s a dangerous sexiness to PAPA-the furious grip of the dance floor, the cold pavement outside, and the way you kiss when you’re not sure you’ll ever see the person again or whether you’d even want to.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find is an album as ripe for romance as it is partying. It has moments of aggression and simple bliss, with a classic sense of harmony, melody and style. It’s a modern, rough-and-tumble take on classic soul, without a doubt. With the help of Weiss’ musical partner, friend-since-childhood, bassist Danny Presant, the tracks gain a hip-hop sensibility that separates PAPA from simple revivalists and instead into timeless territory. It’s an exacting and revelatory ode to what’s wrong with modern romance but what won’t stop one from giving it another go. Meanwhile, the cover art shows a waifish, made-up girl, smoking a cigarette, smiling with a come-hither wink that suggests a good time but history argues otherwise. Here we go again. It’s an instant testament to our hero’s exhausting trials in love and those superficial layers that brutally slice through once promising, meaningful connections.

Weiss and Presant grew up in Los Angeles and have always had a home in California. Weiss is also a passionate painter and writer of prose.

- $10

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09:00 pm until 02:00 am at Waiting Room.

The Dirt Daubers have come down from the mountains and landed squarely in the middle of the Mississippi Delta. Yes, you heard right… J.D. Wilkes (of the Legendary Shack Shakers) and his former Old- Time band have decided to plug in (!) to both his blues roots and a regulation, A.C. power socket.

Having recently added electric guitar and drums, the Dirt Daubers are now poised to expand the appeal of their roots-based tunes with a whole new Swamp-Blues/Rock n Roll kick!
Ladies and gentlemen!

- $8

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Smash Sound System

09:00 pm until 02:00 am at House Of Loom.

Because such a rare record collection like this is meant to be shared, DJ Thrash Head Mike brings out his all 45 RPM vinyl that explores the interesting connection that reggae & punk music shared circa '77 to '87.

As THM jumps back and forth through the different shades of the two genres, on-listeners will hear how the two forms of rebel music melded.

"If 1977 was the year of the punk rock explosion, it also saw the rise of another musical movement, intimately entwined with punk - a massive eruption in British reggae, which became the black counterpart to the white heat of punk. The Clash played reggae covers and Joe Strummer recounted his experience of reggae all-nighters in White Man in Hammersmith Palais. Rastafarian DJ Don Letts played reggae discs between punk bands at the Roxy. Even Bob Marley - who was living in London at the time - recognised the developments with his 1977 song Punky Reggae Party." - Dave Simpson

Every Wednesday enjoy our Happy Hour specials all night with $5 select Craft Cocktails & 1/2 off select taps.

9pm-2am / FREE / 21+ / 1012 s 10 st

- Free

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09:00 pm until 02:00 am at Bourbon Theater.

Founded in 2009 in Richmond VA, Windhand is a stoner, doom metal band made up of Aschiah Bogdan, Parker Chandler, Dorthia Cottrell, Garrett Morris, and Ryan Wolfe. They have been compared to Electric Wizard, Blood Ceremony, the Devil’s Blood, and Black Sabbath.

In March 2012, Windhand released their self-titled debut which quickly became an underground hit, selling out of multiple vinyl presses in a matter of months. It was recorded and mixed at the Dark Room by Garrett Morris and mastered at Slipped Disc Audio by Bill McElroy in 2011. After a steady touring schedule, the band collaborated with Richmond brethren Cough on a split entitled “Reflections of the Negative” due out on Relapse Records in April 2013. Windhand officially signed to Relapse Records in March 2013 and will release their highly anticipated sophomore debut later this fall.

- $7: 21 and up || $9: 18 and up

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Ron Wax w/ Lazy & Video Ranger

09:00 pm until 02:00 am at Brothers Lounge. $5

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No Tide, The Sheds, Everything Goes, Better Friend

09:00 pm until 12:00 pm at Knickerbockers. Contact Knickerbockers for cover charge

Omaha, NE
75.8F • Sunday

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