Don’t Edit Me Argentina


Brain wrinkle time. When is a review not a review? Answer: When dealing with “the complete” Metropolis. Director Fritz Lang’s 1927 dystopian epic, which birthed modern sci-fi cinema from its loins as assuredly as if we had ultrasonographic images of Blade Runner in its womb, was truncated to around 90 minutes after its original screening in Berlin. In 2008, the Museum of Cinema in Buenos...

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Legend of the Guardians

Do you hate your child and never want it to sleep or enjoy nature? Then run out and show him or her The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, a photorealistic, 3D, animated film with a kiddie-flick plot and truckloads of bird murder. If your offspring is able to endure the initial terror caused by seeing what appear to be real owls actually frickin’ talking, they should be mentally...

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Cutting Room

We can all relax now. Kate Beckinsale decided to return to her role of “girl who wears tight pants” in Underworld 4, which is sure to be the most wolftastic vampsplosion in the history of mediocre distractions. I’ll admit, I haven’t been keeping up with the series, because I don’t like things that aren’t good, but it’s good to know that Beckinsale will return to the role that made...

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Suck it, Damon!

The Town proves Affleck is on the rise With The Town, writer/director/star/unfair-target-of-derision Ben Affleck pumps two armor-piercing rounds into jokes about his being the lesser of the creative forces behind his joint Oscar win with hetero-life-partner Matt Damon. Eff that noise, whatever Affleck’s staggeringly brilliant freshman directorial effort Gone Baby Gone didn’t prove, this...

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Easy A FTW

Easy A

It’s fitting that the review of a movie about whoring through words should start with a verbal money shot, in the form of a pull quote: Easy A is easily the funniest movie of the year. Sporting chlamydia as a subplot, discussion of vagina gnomes and multiple Huckleberry Finn–based biracial gay sex jokes, first-time screenwriter Bert Royal truly earned the marketing descriptor “not your...

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Devil’s Day Out

Death rides an elevator in Dowdle’s Devil I’m claustrophobic in my day-to-day life, but at the movies, I’m a sucker for all things small and confined, from Ingmar Bergman’s stark chamber dramas to George Romero’s original Dawn of the Dead. Just put some people and some tension in a room and I’m there. With that said, director John Erick Dowdle’s Devil still surprised me. From the...

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Cutting Room

I must be gearing up for a run at local office, because I lied to you. Like a fickle city councilman, I’m about to flip-flop, only instead of vacillating on the corporate infestation of Dundee, I’m just changing dates. I told you last week that Film Streams’ Ruth Sokolof Theater ( would have a Q&A with the director of the Internet meme documentary Winnebago Man this Friday,...

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Those damned apes are back and anything but dirty.


We Are the Best

Set in Stockholm in 1982, this is punk rock female adolescence at its finest.



Awesome, literal class warfare on a train that holds the only humans that survived the new ice age.


Obvious Child

Billed as a comedy, this is actually a sophisticated, empathetic look at a crucial issue.


The Signal

Crazy good and just plain crazy, this is indie sci-fi at its best!


Ping Pong Summer

Drowning in 1980s nostalgia, this deserves to be a cult hit.


22 Jump Street

A sequel no one could have expected to a movie nobody wanted.


Ice, Ice Maybe

I’m not saying that the impoverished are going to grab axes and violently murder the wealthy elite. But I’m also not NOT...

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Not So Fast, Rick Santorum

I do not have a uterus. If I understand biology, I never will. So the issue of abortion has remained at arm’s length from...

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Freaky Frequency

For a movie reviewer, having a favorite genre kinda feels like a parent having a favorite child; oh, they totally do,...

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Bad Meaning Good

The popularity of Napoleon Dynamite never really made sense. With its “special” characters and nonsensical elements, the...

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