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No Big Bang

In 1965, Stephen Hawking wrote his first ground-breaking thesis and wed Jane Wilde. His paper argued that if a star can collapse inwards to form a singularity, then a singularity can explode back outward. The Theory of Everything explores this same theory, only instead of stars, it's marriage. Which isn’t to say new “stars” aren’t formed; Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones both provide sensational performances in The...

The-babadook-is-real-and-you-can-t-get-rid-of-him-89bb0a4a-ac2b-4415-b5db-d90b843b0af0 I’m-a Let You Finish, But…

I love it when people argue about whether a certain year was “good” or “bad” for film. It is one of the sillier movie debates a person can have, ranking only behind “Best Adam Sandler Movie” and “Worst Moment in the Star Wars Prequels.” Every year is a good year for film, if you know which ones to seek and avoid. Lemme help with that.

The Worst Five Movies of 2014

5 – The Giver

To call the work that Jeff Bridges...

Cqff23 1000x316 lonelyboy 01 How to get Lonely, become Bulletproof, and create World Peace

If you’re lucky, on Wednesday Feb 25 and Thursday Feb 26, you’ll be lonely! Sorry, that should be “you’ll be at Lonely Boy,” an indie film screening at Aksarben Cinema at 7 pm both nights, with a Q&A following the film. Lonely Boy follows three days in the life of Franky, a dude dealing with all manner of personal problems from family to love life. Back in the day when I started this film gig, we couldn’t even get...

Jupiter-ascending-tatum-kunis-rocket-boots Heaven is Overrated

Recently, I joylessly trudged through the first season of Amazon’s “Transparent,” a show populated with so many soulless, vacuous, obnoxious characters that I began rooting for them to die horrifically. This follows my quasi-traumatic enduring of “Breaking Bad,” an overpraised show about selfish criminal pricks. Grim entertainment populated with antiheroes and assholes is the pop culture trend du jour. And I hate...

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A "who's conning who" movie that tries to con the audience.


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Two Days, One Night

This harrowing, heartbreaking tale is a parable for how the poor live now.


Mr. Turner

A spectacularly crafted piece that transcends its boring genre.


Kingsman: The Secret Service

A gleefully cheeky action-comedy that nearly perfectly sends up 007.


On DVD: Birdman

A delirously fun satirical send up of artistic pretension. 


On DVD: The Theory of Everything

"Out of this world" performances buoy a sub-par script.


Jupiter Ascending

Gleefully stupid, gloriously silly, this is a throwback to serialized sci-fi escapism.


Zero Motivation

This Israeli comedy about military service is a mixed bag.


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