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Cutting Room for April 24


Dior-and-i-documentary-film-2015-habituallychic-002 Dressed to Cool

We sat through 19 years of relatively megabudget Batman movies before we ever saw Batman turn his head because we literally didn’t have the technology to do it. That’s an oddly fascinating reminder that clothing is a “technology” and fashion is, essentially, a “science.” Dior and I, a documentary by newcomer Frederic Techeng, reveals that the best fashion designers on the planet are actually dealing with some pretty...

Goodlie Cutting Room for May 1

To me, a good lie is one that gets me out of situations in which I have to small talk to other human beings in person with my mouth and voice. To Film Streams, The Good Lie is a documentary that they are screening on June 2 at 7 pm. Together with the Southern Sudan Community Association, the theater is also holding a panel discussion that will include former refugees from South Sudan. If you haven’t heard the story...

Aou Are You Not Entertained?!

“Another epic tale about incredibly powerful beings fighting against one another with melodramatic overtones? Ugh.” – Theater critics in ancient Greece reacting to the latest play about Gods and mortals

Whenever a new cinematic comic book adaptation hits—and, admittedly, it’s becoming a near weekly event—critical reaction divides into two camps: “Yahoo!” and “Poo-Poo.” The Yahooers irritate the Poo-Pooers with...

Ex machina 1280 Movieha! Your favorite movie podcast

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The Surface

An unthrilling thriller that will be soon forgotten.


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