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Maxresdefault Mason, You Ignorant Slut

First and foremost, two quick things: First, Mason Shumaker really does mean it when he says he thinks Suicide Squad is the worst movie he’s ever seen. He is neither trolling nor being intentionally hyperbolic. It took him two tries to finish the whole movie. Second, in our echo-chamber world, we largely forget that the truest purpose of any form of criticism is to engage the work and each other. We ought not seek...

Suicide-squad Syrek Sucks on Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is the worst movie ever. Before you try to tell me, “Oh, come on, you don’t really think it was that bad,” stop yourself. Before you try to tell me, “Um, actually, there are movies with lower ratings on the Internet Movie Database and RottenTomatoes.com,” realize that such ratings have absolutely no impact on my opinion of a movie. Before you try to tell me, “You’re just a Marvel shill who has it out...

Life-animated-sundance-2016 Disneyfied and Simplified

I recommend that you go see Life, Animated, although I have to be upfront about the hugely disappointing aspects of this documentary. First of all, I’ve read quite a bit of praise for the extended animated sequences featured throughout the film. Sure, they’re stunning to look at…but they rubbed me the wrong way. Something about speaking for an autistic man in a documentary about him learning how to find his own...

Ss Good Bad Guys or Bad Bad Guys?

Raise a glass: The magic of movie making is dead.

We don’t just know “how the sausage is made.” No, no, no. Now we press nose to glass on social media, painstakingly devouring every step of the once-secret process. And then we make the sausage-stuffers dance during press junkets, singing about how it felt to cram ground pig anus into casings. To be clear, Jared Leto is the pig anus in this analogy…

Suicide Squad...

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