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The 10th annual Elkhorn Valley/BEA D7 Film and Media Conference


Once, Again


Speaking of Unholy Abominations…


Never Go “Full Arthouse”


Ride this Dragon


United in Praise


Cutting Room for May


Twitter Wars: A New Nope


Can Mew Dig It?


Fashion Backward


Kurtrussellsamuelljacksonhatefuleight Tarantinope

Say this much for writer/director/foot fetishist/N-word-addict Quentin Tarantino, when he finally made his first bad movie, he made one of the worst films ever. The Hateful Eight is a disgusting, stupid, overlong bore. It would have sucked at half its length, but at least you could have done something more pleasurable and less soul crushing with the rest of your day, like gargled broken glass or listened to the...

Doctor-who-season-9 I Do TV Too

I watch many much lots TV.

Admittedly, it’s almost never the ONLY thing I’m doing at the time. The bulk of this list are programs I throw on while working out (don’t let the Christmas doughy me fool you, I do actually do exercise), doing other work (multitasking is the only way to consume all of the entertainment) or while catching up on correspondence (that’s a fancy way to say texting). That said, everything...

Phfx9pktlhioji 1 l Cutting Room for January

If you haven’t heard or seen, they cast “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts I and II,” the play that continues the story of everybody’s favorite disfigured wizard. The big news? Hermione Granger will be played by Noma Dumezweni, a black actress. As expected, the racially tolerant, intellectually sophisticated denizens of the Internet reacted with calm aplomb. I’m kidding, they lost their racist minds. That...

Natgotagun I See You, 2016

Oh man, 2016 has gotta feel so nervous, knowing its elder sibling, 2015, was so flinging-flanging good. Father Time has to be like “No, it’s totally okay if you want to go in to ophthalmology, 2016. Not everyone can be a brain surgeon like 2015.” I mean, 2015 resurrected Star Wars, introduced Imperator Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road) and had so many slightly more minor triumphs, 2016 is probably already working on a...

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X-Men: Apocalypse

A nonstop mutant fight club with little plot, thin characters and a whole lotta fun!


Reader Recommends

The Nice Guys

The pulp noir gleeful misadventures of two jerks who unravel a conspiracy involving porn and climate change in the 1970s.


Louder Than Bombs

A bunch of stereotypical quasi-characters brood and pout, if you like such things...


Sing Street

A pleasant 1980s-set coming-of-age music-based movie that is a little cliched but still fun.



The Witch

A boring "horror" movie in which the scariest thing is the hygeine of American pilgrims. 



An uncomplicated but visually experimental documentary simplistically arguing: "Museums good."


Embrace the Serpent

A routine "Heart of Darkness" story that's something special.


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