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That Boy Ain’t Right


Stuck in a Bunker With You?


Pop Culture, Popped


I Can’t Believe They Went Hare


Fun With Catholics and Communism


The 10 Best Movie Musicals Ever


Cutting Room for June 2016


Laughter Unshelled


Lady Sings the Blues


Bridge-of-spies-8 Lower-Case Spielberg

In general, I’m not a big fan of holding artists accountable to the standard set by their best work. Making something “good” after making something “great,” doesn’t mean that the good thing is any less objectively good or that the great thing is any more great. What I’m trying to say is, Bridge of Spies is a perfectly good movie from a titan of cinema whose resume is littered with greatness. And there’s nothing...

Heres-how-the-insane-vehicles-were-created-in-mad-max-fury-road Less to Love but More Loved

Typically, assembling my “best films” list is a torturous process of deciding which films get culled after I do some mental Hunger Games with movies as tributes. This year? I actually had to reach into the second level and promote two “also-rans” into the rankings. The top of the list isn’t just good, it’s all-time good for me, filled with at least 3 movies I will watch until I get “jelly eyes.” What there was to...

Cutting Room for February

Apparently, Film Streams really likes silly dancing. How else can you explain… You know what, they’re showing Son of the Congo, a documentary about Serge Ibaka escaping the war-torn African country to star in the NBA. That’s not Son of  the Conga, which I had imagined was a movie about someone conceived while dancing in a line at a wedding. The film will be screened for free on Tuesday, February 16 at 7 pm and will...

Room Hurts So Good

In the lead up to its release, I can only imagine how many times director Lenny Abrahamson had to clarify, “No, you’re thinking of THE Room” when separating his project from the oft-spoofed “worst movie ever.” Now that it’s out, however, writer Emma Donoghue’s quiet emotional wrecking ball is heretofore the official owner of the title Room. Anyone who hears that word and thinks of the Tommy Wiseau garbage-palooza is...

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Love and Friendship

An Austen adaptation that's a snoozefest, aside from two stinky performances...


Independence Day: Resurgence

A bloated, unneeded sequel that's more chaos than cheesy fun.


Central Intelligence

A buddy action movie where the buddies are put backseat to the "action." 


Finding Dory

A sequel to Finding Nemo that is pretty much exactly like Finding Nemo.



An adaptation of a video game that will be enjoyed solely by people who loved that video game.



Midnight Special

A kid with weird powers is trying to get somewhere to do something that doesn't quite make sense.


Reader Recommends


10 Cloverfield Lane

A "Twilight Zone" type tale about a man keeping captives in a bunker at the "end of the world."


Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

A pop culture skewering mocumentary most notable for raunchy songs you'll feel bad about singing...


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