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Speaking of Unholy Abominations…


Never Go “Full Arthouse”


Ride this Dragon


United in Praise


Twitter Wars: A New Nope


Can Mew Dig It?


Fashion Backward


Yas, Queens!


Beasts of Burden


Good-dinosaur-concept-art-sc-pub16-2014-11-12 No One Promised “Great”

Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur is a retelling of every story involving a beloved pet ever told, with the twist being the human is the pet. In an alternate reality where dinosaurs and man walked the earth together (that’s called creationism), Aldo (Raymond Ochoa), a runt of an apatosaurus, is tasked by his father (Jeffrey Wright) with catching a “critter” stealing their food. That critter is a young boy who Arlo lets...

Krampus-movie-image Crap-us

Well…Krampus sucks. In 2015, bad horror movies like It Follows, The Visit, and Crimson Peak, have been well-produced and well-acted, but without any bite or brains. Such is Krampus. In all fairness, the Krampus and its henchmen are solid movie monsters. I just wish they were terrorizing a better monster movie, as this one suffers from a serious lack of personality and wit. But, hey, at least the monsters are fun?


Tfa poster wide header-1536x864-959818851016 Please Don’t Suck

As the proud owner of a freshly minted Doctor Who tattoo on my forearm, my time cloaking “extreme nerd” status is behind me. So here goes. Confession time: I bought tickets to see Meet Joe Black just to watch the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace trailer and didn’t stay for the movie. I also bought all of the toys before seeing any real footage and waited for about 24 hours to get good seats for the first...

Ant-man-1280-1420605390518 1280w No Wright, Still Alright

In the belly of a hollowed-out volcano, maniacally laughing and rubbing their hands together in a way only villains are wont to do, WB/DC executives had to be overjoyed when writer/director Edgar Wright left Ant-Man just as production was starting. Finally! A Marvel Studios misstep! “Soon,” they must have thought, “very soon, the world will forget Green Lantern and Catwoman! They’ll replace Batman and Robin on their...

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X-Men: Apocalypse

A nonstop mutant fight club with little plot, thin characters and a whole lotta fun!


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