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Hurts So Good


Aw, Man


Wave Goodbye


The Long of It


Speaking of Suicide…


Crawl for Your Oscar, Leo




I See You, 2016


Awake My Soul


Extra, Extra Bad Things


554142c7801ffcbc36b3266d t-iris-apfel-bruce-weber-cop Minor Bloom

Iris Apfel is a fashion icon, still thriving in her 90s, who wears big sunglasses that are impossible not to describe as owlish. She is still building a world-renowned collection of eccentric clothing and oversized jewelry. She has a loving husband, too…and she leaves her Christmas decorations up for most of the year. That’s all I really know about Apfel, who sure seems like a fun lady but is vastly unexplored in...

Straightouttacompton0002 Myopic Biopic

Biopics are lies. Oh, don’t get me wrong, all storytelling is fundamentally fibbing. But it seems somehow more disingenuous to airbrush actual human histories, to select which warts to ignore and which redemptive moments to exaggerate. Documentaries exist for a reason and, while they too require editing, at least the filmmaker has to show his work. This is a long way of saying what Straight Outta Compton has is...

Man-from-uncle-7 Cold War Sizzle

Presumably, a reboot or remake is done to capitalize on the good will and brand recognition of an intellectual property. Do fanboys of the 1960s TV show “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” exist? Does anyone remember anything about it, other than it sporting a weird acronym for no good reason? “You know what’ll put fear into the hearts of evildoers? A spy network named after their dad’s brother!” What’s surprising isn’t just...

Ricki flash 2-xlarge Flash Without Flair

I fell for Ricki and the Flash’s embarrassingly enthusiastic advertising run—the poster of Meryl Streep in full rock star garb and numerous TV spots in which she praises her latest project. I fell, and I fell hard.  Ricki and the Flash should have been the ultimate Meryl Streep Movie.  In the three years since her third Oscar win, the public has never been more susceptible to Streep’s charm.  As a particularly...

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I mean, it's kind of all there in the title, right?


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