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The 10th annual Elkhorn Valley/BEA D7 Film and Media Conference


Once, Again


Speaking of Unholy Abominations…


Never Go “Full Arthouse”


Ride this Dragon


United in Praise


Twitter Wars: A New Nope


Can Mew Dig It?


Fashion Backward


Yas, Queens!


Room Hurts So Good

In the lead up to its release, I can only imagine how many times director Lenny Abrahamson had to clarify, “No, you’re thinking of THE Room” when separating his project from the oft-spoofed “worst movie ever.” Now that it’s out, however, writer Emma Donoghue’s quiet emotional wrecking ball is heretofore the official owner of the title Room. Anyone who hears that word and thinks of the Tommy Wiseau garbage-palooza is...

Theboytrailer Aw, Man

Director William Brent Bell almost certainly envisions The Boy to be the ultimate creepy doll movie, relishing in all of our favorite creepy doll movie moments. I almost enjoyed a few scenes of the creepy doll turning its head slightly, moving around rooms, apparently walking down hallways and the many waist-high POV tracking shots. Almost. For the most part, The Boy is dull PG-13 horror that’s less of an actual...

Fifth wave Wave Goodbye

Shortly after the third wave of alien attacks devastated humanity in The 5th Wave, I started reminiscing about the good old days when evil aliens would simply use powerful spaceships to devastate humanity in one fell swoop. Coordinating a series of global blackouts, targeted tsunamis, massive outbreaks and legions of invading body snatchers, seems like way too much fuss. Despite the rigmarole, as we’re waiting for...

The-big-short-steve-carell-ryan-gosling The Long of It

About a decade ago, a bunch of rich assholes collapsed the world’s economy because they were dumb, evil and greedy. They didn’t go to jail, not because they weren’t icky bad criminals, but because their crimes were boring and hard to understand. You rob a bank with a gun, you go to jail. You rob all the banks in the world with bundled subprime mortgages, the government will cover your IOUs. The Big Short is an...

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Sunset Song

A sullen Scottish tale of dour depression, somehow told and played beautifully.


X-Men: Apocalypse

A nonstop mutant fight club with little plot, thin characters and a whole lotta fun!


Reader Recommends

The Nice Guys

The pulp noir gleeful misadventures of two jerks who unravel a conspiracy involving porn and climate change in the 1970s.


Louder Than Bombs

A bunch of stereotypical quasi-characters brood and pout, if you like such things...


Sing Street

A pleasant 1980s-set coming-of-age music-based movie that is a little cliched but still fun.



The Witch

A boring "horror" movie in which the scariest thing is the hygeine of American pilgrims. 



An uncomplicated but visually experimental documentary simplistically arguing: "Museums good."


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