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Funny Noir Die


You Keep Using That Word…


Kim Jong-Uh Oh


Lewd, Rude Food, Dude


Mason, You Ignorant Slut


Syrek Sucks on Suicide Squad


Disneyfied and Simplified


Good Bad Guys or Bad Bad Guys?




Nun Too Soon


Rs-lo-and-behold-23608138-e375-4e43-a90a-164eeca5b8c5 The Herzoggiest

Acclaimed director Werner Herzog’s new documentary is the “Herzog-giest” film he’s ever made. His trademark drawl narrates Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World, an offbeat history lesson of the Internet that sometimes feels more like a head-trip than a documentary. Herzog uses a bit of dark humor to ponder existential questions that linger after society has become totally dependent on the Internet. I’m...

Hell or high water No Country for Poor Men

Like a slow, rumbling thrum, the inevitability of Hell or High Water’s final act patiently chugs at you. One of those rare, gritty, morally-serpentine thrillers, writer Taylor Sheridan’s script weaves together a tale of outlaws and economic oppression. Director David Mackenzie gives his actors room to breathe, joking and meditating about socioeconomic injustice and surly food service workers. But it’s a slow dance...

Dont-think-twice Just Watch Once

Don’t Think Twice isn’t quite a misfire, but it’s still a bit disappointing after such a promising start. The first half hour or so felt as if it was setting up the best, most original comedy of 2016. Eventually, Don’t Think Twice settled for “existential crisis about adult-ing in New York” territory so “by the numbers” that I was amazed Lena Dunham hadn’t shown up…until Lena Dunham actually showed up. After...

Kubo Hard Not to Laika

“Show your work.”

That statement is both an admonition given by rigid mathematics instructors and part of the reason why stop-motion animation continues to captivate. The meticulous, painstaking craft of slowly posing miniature figures requires an effort that simply doesn’t come across when watching computer animation. It’s not to say that the latter doesn’t require intense work and produce quality art, only that...

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Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

A classically "Herzog-ian" documentary about the Internet.


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