Cutting Room for January 19

I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life. Well, at least not all of it. I just want to tell you how to live your life on a few specific days. So grab a pen and get to stuffin’ your schedule.

  • By now you’re all kinds of aware that the Omaha Film Festival ( runs March 2-6 at the Great Escape Stadium 16 Theatre, right? That’s cool, but why wait for March when the party starts Feb 5, from 6-10 p.m. at the North Sea Films Building, 2626 Harney St. The OFF’11 Release Party will kick the shindig off right, with no admission fee and plenty of passes, posters and T-shirts. And just like in a rap video, after the party there’s another party. Then Feb. 27, from 6-11 p.m. at the Nomad Lounge, 1013 Jones St., the OFF’scar Party is the best way to watch Hollywood give itself a high-five. See, like I said, feel free to write this stuff on your calendar in ink.

  • This next one is a bit sudden, but I believe there’s a rule about offers and refusals that’s going to spring to mind. Film Streams at the Ruth Sokolof Theatre ( is finally showing The Godfather. The winner of the annual “Film Streams Members Select” vote this year, the classic will screen Saturday, Jan. 22, at 3 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 23, at 3 p.m. and Thursday, Jan. 27, at 8:30 p.m. And the first screening is free for Film Streams Members! Even if you’ve seen it before, if you haven’t seen it on the big screen, well let’s just say the experience is still more shocking than equine decapitation.

Cutting Room provides breaking local and national movie news … complete with added sarcasm. Send any relevant information to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Check out Ryan on the radio on CD 105.9 (Fridays at around 7:30 a.m.), on his blog at and on Twitter (

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Monday’s Daily Dump (1/18/11)

January is the cruelest month, no matter what Eliot said. Seriously, it's cold as blue balls out there, there's not enough football to keep us distracted, the movies largely suck, and there's no news of note really. It's a stupid, frosty month that only exists because my wife's birthday is in it. If it weren't for that, I'd have capped January in the face years ago. Let's take a look at the pathetic non-news news for the day in today's edition of the Daily Dump.

Ricky Gervais is Ricky Gervais, Hollywood is pissed

For a bunch of people giving each other shiny trophies for spending a few weeks making millions, famous people are total wangs. How else do you explain the sheer indignation DURING THE SHOW against Ricky Gervais' hilarious and stinging patter? The three people seemingly most upset were Robert Downey Jr, Tim Allen, and Tom Hanks. Hanks is a class act sticking up for his friends (but should have kept his mouth shut), and the other two DID TERRIBLE THINGS WHILE BEING DRUNKEN LECHEROUS LEECHES ON SOCIETY. Come on, RDJ, laugh it off a bit. Yes, Ricky mentioned your stints in rehab. So do you. You only like people remembering them when they're recalled in the wake of your triumphant return to stardom. So BE A STAR and laugh those jokes off. You're also scathingly clever, so why not fire a zinger back at Ricky? You knew he'd say something! And Tim Allen...are you for real now? You got pissy because Ricky said you were less famous than Tom Hanks? It was hard to feel sorry for the star of Jungle 2 Jungle and Whateverthehellmovieitwasyoudirectedandstarredinthatbombedlastyear when he was WEARING SUNGLASSES ON STAGE! You all came off worse than the guy making cracks at your expense with your petulance. For the record, versions of EACH of those jokes are told every night on late night talk shows that each of you frequent to promote your movies and I don't see you getting upset there. You just never had anyone with the stones to make those JOKES (and I stress jokes in the time-honored tradition of all caps) to your face. Hell, Hugh Hefner tried to play off like we're supposed to feel SORRY FOR HIM FOR MARRYING A 24-YEAR OLD and getting mocked for it! Are you shitting me?! Look, whether or not you found it funny, there was nothing wrong with someone helping to bring down the collective ego of the back-patting Holywood elite, and this is from a liberal movie blogger who loves award shows. Humility is a comely, charming trait. Waving your hands and saying "the big man is being mean to me" makes you look small. Also, the Tourist stuff he did was comic gold.

The Red Skull hearts Halloween

Reason number 1,732,000 why you should just release photos of characters from your movie before you release merchandising advertisements for your movie. The Red Skull in the new Captain America movie will look something like this:

Yes, it's a crappy photo, but it gives us a good idea of how the character will appear. It was going to be hard to bone this character's translation, given the simplicity of it. But then again, given what they've done to The Green Lantern, I don't put it past any effects company to molest a solid icon. Yes, for the record, I'm going to make Green Lantern jokes for the next full year.

I'm thrown for a Prime Loop

This is a talented man.

His name is Shane Carruth, and his film Primer is one of the best Science-Fiction (not sci-fi) films I've ever seen. It blew me away and was made for something like five dollars or so. It came out years and years ago, and I have been desperately wanting another film from him in some way, ANY WAY, as soon as possible. (Seriously, rent this effin' movie right now). So news that he's emerged on the set of director Rian Johnson's Looper can only be described as a miracle. Supposedly he's just working on some effects and such, but I hope it's more than that. Johnson, who has made some damn fine films of his own, has also talked up Carruth's script that's having a hard time getting funding. SOMEONE NEEDS TO FUND THAT SCRIPT! Seriously! Let's hope this buddying up with Johnson results in some serious coin so that I can SEE ANOTHER MOVIE FROM THIS GUY! We live in a world with a Yogi Bear movie. Can't we find a way to fund a genius's next work? Pretty please.

Okay, that's it today. Not only is there nothing else of real note, but if this system is slower than social progress today. See you tomorrow for more dumping!

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Box Office Results for the weekend of January 14

There was a glitch in my HTML coding, which sounds like a nerdy way of saying I had diarrhea or something. But what really happened is that I forgot to slash or unslash inside a carrot and for some reason it ate all of my numbers associated with my predictions on Friday. Not that anybody NOTICED OR TOLD ME OR ANYTHING! Jeez, it's like a guy whose zipper was so unzipped you could see all of Florida and the Florida Keys and nobody said anything. Thanks. Well, it's fixed now, and as you can see (or will see) no cheating occurred, as The King's Speech began what could be a month-plus-long repeated boning of yours truly. Not only is it outperforming what I thought box office-wise, but there's a good chance it will get awards it doesn't deserve. I fully expect this testament to mediocrity to be a pea beneath my mattress for some time to come. In other news, The Green Hornet is a quasi-hit, True Grit and Black Swan are mega-hits, and Little Fockers is already a bad memory that Robert DeNiro is making jokes about. Let's see how the weekend panned out, haiku style!

1.) The Green Hornet - $40 million (Accuracy of prediction - 94%)
It's a little sting,
but it's a sting none-the-less
Chin up, Seth Rogen.

2.) The Dilemma - $17 million (Accuracy of Prediction - 97%)
At least both of the lead guys
are quite used to that.

3.) True Grit - $11 million (Accuracy of prediction - 95.5%)
This is impressive!
Word of mouth is just so strong.
Now, more Westerns please?

4.) The King's Speech - $9 million (Accuracy of prediction - 0%)
Surprising result
given how bland this one is.
More like The King's Meh

5.) Black Swan - $8 million (Accuracy of prediction - 100%)
I can't believe this.
Lesbian ballerinas?!
That's box office gold.

Overall accuracy of prediction - 77%
Not my finest hour
But the Chicago Bears won!
So I do not care.

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