Cutting Room for June 29

  • To paraphrase from our esteemed VP, whether or not you like it, The Hunger Games is a “big effing deal.” Sure, he was referring to health care reform that has the potential to save the lives and fortunes of millions of Americans and I’m just talking about a movie sequel, but still… Francis Lawrence, the recently appointed and wildly underqualified new director taking over Catching Fire, has weighed in with one good move and one suspect one. On the plus side, Philip Seymour Hoffman, be he ever so jowly, is going to play Plutarch Heavensbee. On the potential minus side, Zoe Aggeliki, a former model, will play Johanna Mason. If it seems like I’m inappropriately invested in the casting of a young adult adaptation, it’s only because I am.
  • In the wake of The Avengers becoming the most successful non-James Cameron movie ever, Disney has wisely decided to cash in on the animated side. The first joint Disney/Marvel (Disarvel? Misney?) movie will be Big Hero 6! Never heard of these folks? You’re not alone. It’s a fairly obscure team of Japanese superheroes whose name sounds like it was badly translated into English. Maybe the first translation was “Super happy fun time hero people, yay!” No word if Pixar is involved (probably not) and no explanation why these, of all characters, was the first to get the kiss of the animated mouse house.
  • While not technically movie news, I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on this moment of tragedy. TomKat, better known to non-douchebags as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have ended their contract…I mean, marriage. The national mourning has begun. Oh, not for the couple, but for the late-night TV monologue writers who may now have to actually try when making jokes.

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Movieha! - Omaha’s Favorite Movie Podcast

Friday is the holiest of all days to those of us who grind out a 9-5 schedule. And thus, it is the day your ears get blessed with new Movieha! This week, Matt and I ramble on about the significance of movie rankings (like stars and letter grades), pontificate on Popeye, consider How to Stop a Plague, marvel over Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, mildly disagree about Griff the Invisible, and get our haiku on. What are you waiting for? Meet me on the other side for one trailer EVERYONE should see and one trailer NO ONE should admit to seeing!

Didgeri-don't Miss It - How to Survive a Plague

Gay rights matter quite a bit to me, as some of those closest to me have been persecuted simply for the way they were born. For those of us who take such things seriously, who do not see this as any kind of frivolous movement but a much needed social revolution, check out the documentary below.

Netflix Roulette: Nude Nuns with Big Guns

If this doesn't drive up our page views, I'm out of options.

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Movieha! - Omaha’s Favorite Movie Podcast

Welcome audio explorers! This week your two intrepid (that means vulgar, right?) hosts discuss the finer points of turtle fighting and the acceptable mourning time before a reboot, reveal our new favorite word for hobo, pass the new Tom Cruise movie like a kidney stone, christen a cult classic in Netflix Roulette, and write you some poetry. What more do you want from us?!

Didgeri-Don't Miss It (the segment formerly known as On Your Radar): Bindlestiffs

If you don't get the joke that's involved in this segment's name change...well, I don't blame you. It's weird, obscure, and probably not factual. But it was funny to us. And seeing as how we never really hear substantial feedback, we figure we are our own most devoted fans. Speaking of narcissism, Kevin Smith is distributing small movies now, movies he didn't even make. The first is this one, which actually seems quite funny. For no good reason it reminds me of Noah Baumbach's Kicking and Screaming. Then again, most things do. Give the trailer a watch and determine if I'm crazy (spoiler alert: I am).

Netflix Roulette: Griff the Invisible

We don't watch "True Blood." Mostly because we don't spend time on things that are terrible if we can help it. I am told the star of this movie appears in that show. I will try not to hold it against him. This is another tale of an average Joe who gets his superhero on. I wish I was tired of these. But I'm not. Here's hoping this has 100% less Ellen Page "gush." That was for you, Super fans.

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