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For what can only be described as no damn good reason, last week's Movieha! (with the clever title "joy puking") was our most popular ever. We have no idea how to replicate that success. Was it an interest in vomit? Who knows. The point is, we're going to try to follow it up with a (sometimes creepy) discussion of Jennifer Lawrence's upcoming body of work, Josh Radnor's latest trailer, Total RecallHunter Prey, and haikus. Join us, won't you?

On Your Radar: Liberal Arts

So much of my life surrounds college education to this day, so I admit a more than passing interest in this one. Also, Elizabeth Olsen is always a good idea.

Netflix Roulette: God Bless America

We showed you this trailer back in a previous installment, but now we can watch the real deal thanks to Netflix. Bobcat Goldthwaite is back behind the camera, and it all seems so so wrong.


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Cutting Room for August 10

  • You may know that international treasure and future Nobel Prize winner Jean-Claude Van Damme is ready to burst back onto the scene in the testosterone-and-Depends epic The Expendables 2. But did you know that he’s eager to make another sequel? That’s right: Double Impact 2 is finally more than just a personal dream of mine, as the “cerebellum from Belgium” has written a draft. You read that right. JCVD is eager to add screenwriter to his list of descriptors, which already includes “sort of gymnast” and “star of many direct-to-video follow-ups, some of which also include Dolph Lundgren.”
  • Fresh off his, let’s go with “brave,” nudie debut in Icelandic musicians Sigur Rós’s latest music video, Shia LaBeouf is ready to become a Nyphomaniac. The easy-to-get-along-with director Lars von Trier cast “The Beef” in his latest controversial project, which will also include Charlotte Gainsbourg (of course) and Nicole Kidman. It’s everything America has been clamoring for since Holes.
  • Immediately following a namedrop in the most recent episode of our Movieha! podcast (, Alf just got a deal at Sony. The guy who unleashed whatever you want to call the recent live-action Smurfs movie is looking to make another part animated endeavor starring one Gordon Shumway. Considering that part of Alf’s charm was his foamy costume, one can only hope they somehow convince the studio to go the Ted route and unleash an R-rated extravaganza full of jokes about how he eats cats.
  • In the wake of Joss Whedon reupping as writer/director of The Avengers 2, DC Comics and Warner Bros must feel like the kid picked last at gym class. So they tried to flail about and wave their hands by announcing they were courting directors for The Justice League movie. The two names they floated? David Yates, director of the last few Harry Potter films, and Ben Affleck, former life partner of J. Lo and Matt Damon. Rumor has it, Affleck already said no, leaving it up to Yates to get fanboys excited. Good luck with that, Davey. 

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Movieha! - Omaha’s Favorite Movie Podcast

Welcome to another installment of Movieha, the softest, most cuddly thing you've put in your ears since Snuggles the bear was made into Q-tips. This week, we talk up Emma Stone and terrible sequels (those are separate). We also explore the trailer for Starbuck, which has nothing to do with Cylons, geek out over Beasts of the Southern Wild, discover Visioneer, and haiku it up in this beyotch. Give it a listen...IF YOU DARE!

On Your Radar: Starbuck

Although I am sad it doesn't feature the sorta-hot, sorta-scary Katee Sackhoff, this French comedy looks to be a heartwarming good time...and inevitably will be remade by a less-talented American comedian. So enjoy it now.

Netflix Roulette: Hunter Prey

I'll admit, I picked this one at random (like we're supposed to) without realizing it's basically a fan film. Whoopsie. It's on Netflix, so it counts, but Matt is gonna be maaaaad.

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Dear White People

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