Nosh Restaurant and Wine Lounge

My husband’s boss loves Nosh Restaurant and Wine Lounge, and not only because she lives right next to it in a fabulous loft, but because they have such an impressive, extensive wine inventory and really good food. So even though I’m not the biggest fan of wine (yeah, I know, I’m lame) I wanted to check it out for myself since I’m indeed a huge fan of good food.

Can we all just agree to move past the fact that I don’t really drink wine and get to the part where we talk about the food?

Granted, the drink selection at Nosh is quite dazzling. There are over 100 wines from which to choose and there are also mixed drinks and beers available. I should mention that the beer isn’t on tap and is...

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Omaha Restaurant Association

The Omaha Restaurant Association announced the date for their annual meeting: Monday, January 12 at Anthony’s Steakhouse. Of course it’s a dinner meeting, and includes cocktails, food and awards. New members will also be inducted. A portion of the ticket purchase price is tax-deductible.

New Year’s Eve Shindig

If you haven’t yet solidified plans for your New Year’s Eve celebration, check out the night’s offering from Spencer’s for Steak and Chops. A $75 Prix Fix menu offered that evening includes champagne and an impressive variety of gourmet food from which to choose. Make reservations early before they fill up....

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Get Your Holiday Drink On

I’m a big fan of the tastes of the holidays. Pumpkin, chocolate, mint, gingerbread…I’ll take them all! So when holiday flavors are added to cocktails, I pretty much lose my mind.

Instead of advising you to go to every bar and restaurant out there and drink up a storm, I did some research to narrow down the choices to give you a better idea of where you can find the best holiday drinks. So here’s a roundup of some of the holiday drinks you don’t want to miss this season followed by some tips from surviving the next day after indulging.

Brix at Midtown Crossing offers an adult version of a s’mores hot chocolate. This makes me very happy indeed.

Benson Brewery has a limited quantity...

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Cookies, Carols & Cocoa

Omaha Culinary Tours offers some pretty impressive tours throughout the year, but the Cookies, Carols & Cocoa tour is just about as “holiday” as you can get without wearing a Santa costume. Ride the bus, look at lights, and sample a bunch of pastries and cocoa from local vendors. Tickets are $35 but act quickly as these tours sell out fast.!cookies-carols-and-cocoa-holiday-ligh/cnpj

The Tipping Tree

If you visit El Vallarta Restaurant in La Vista this holiday season you might notice a small Christmas tree decorated with cash. They’re calling this the “tipping tree” and ask customers to add a dollar or two when they visit. On...

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Skate & Feed

If you plan on visiting the ConAgra Foods ice skating rink after its opening on December 12, bring along some non-perishable food items to add to the donation boxes there. Food donations go to Foodbank for the Heartland. Monetary donations are accepted too.

Eat & Give

While you’re in the giving mood after ice skating, head to Brownie’s Watering Hole in Papillion for some good bar food. Bring new, unwrapped toys with you when you visit and they’ll be donated to Cheryl’s Stockings, a nonprofit organization that collects toys for underprivileged kids.

Welcome to Eggnog...

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HuTong Sushi Grill

As you read this, you are sitting (or standing, or unicycling; I don’t judge) approximately 5,761 miles from the nearest ocean. That’s right, I did the math. Yet somehow, Omaha manages to have a thriving sushi scene. We’ve got everyone from the Nigiri newbie to the Sashimi snob, and a wide enough range of sushi shacks to satisfy them all.

However, at some point, the sushi has to be about the flavor and not about the hip bar, the Instagram of you and your friends with sake bombers, or what sauce the kitchen can cover your panko crusted mystery meat in to hide the fact that the last fish delivery was nine days ago.

Enter an unlikely hero: HuTong Sushigrill.

Located in a stripmall in La...

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