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<p>7M Grill owner Graeme Swain says the fish tacos (pictured above) are his restaurant’s most popular dish. </p>

Magnificent Seven

7 Monkeys has become the 7M Grill, but much has changed beyond this minor name adjustment. 7M Grill is now more of a restaurant than a bar, thanks to a new menu and a different business approach. 7 Monkeys opened at 158th & Maple in 2006, and was one of the first restaurants I reviewed for Dish. It was an upscale lounge that offered a relatively adventurous menu for this chain-dominated part of Omaha. Graeme...

Urban Homesteading

*Spring is traditionally a time of planting — getting the herbs and vegetables arranged and settled in so you can begin reaping rewards by the time summer really hits its stride. But for others, “planting” takes on a whole new meaning. Homesteading has been around since, well, the country began; but it’s undergoing something of a renaissance. Whether that’s due to tea partiers, agribusiness, the economy...

Approval of Stamps

At the end of the film Food, Inc., white words flash onto and fade into a black screen. The words, simple but poignant and, in some ways, naïve, encourage communities to advocate for the use of Food Stamps, now called EBTs or SNAP benefits, at Farmer’s Markets. The concept is a good first step to providing avenues of access to fresh fruits and vegetables for those struggling with food security. As of 2010 only...

Special Lenten edition!

Welcome to this special Lenten edition of Crumbs. Midtown sweets-lovers have two new options with last week’s opening of the shared Cold Stone Creamery/Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory space in Midtown Crossing, both offering rich, high-calorie goodness sure to tempt those who've decided to reacquaint themselves with fruits and vegetables until Easter. Venue Restaurant at 70th and Pioneers in Lincoln will host a...

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