Bella Vita Bella Elkhorn

Although snow flurries are in the distant past, I have fond memories of last winter when in February I set out to find some of the best places in the Metro area preparing the brilliant dish, Osso Buco. The traditional Italian dish is comprised of braised veal shanks, loosely translated as ‘hollow bone’ or ‘whole bone’ for the prized bone marrow inside the shank.  On a recommendation, I tried Bella Vita to test their version of Osso Buco.

When I arrived in the afternoon, snow flurries began to swirl around the historic buildings of downtown Elkhorn.  Clearly, this was a sign; it was a perfect day to have Osso Buco. The atmosphere was very comfortable and inviting - attractive chairs with...

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Last week, Burger King announced they’d be doing away with that creepy masked King in their advertising in an effort to appeal to mothers instead of teenagers, according to USA Today. In an effort presumably to attract moms, they’re also rolling out their “California Whopper,” which is essentially a Whopper with guacamole. This will undoubtedly be some uber-guacamole that will never turn brown and last forever, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Speaking of floating, Subway’s rolling out some new ads with drinking fountains full of grease, implying that you might as well be doing grease shots to chase those Whoppers and Big Macs. Yeah, you can get a veggie sub on crappy bread with no...

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Cultivating a Way of Life

Just as I sat down with Jeanine Dickes, director of the City Sprouts community garden, her rooster crowed, signaling the beginning of my interview with the passionate individuals behind the project.

The garden, situated in the Orchard Hill neighborhood, nourishes and educates hundreds of North Omaha residents from different ethnic groups and backgrounds. For refugees and the poor, the path to healthy living begins with nutrition. One of the biggest issues is the neighborhood’s proximity to one of the largest food deserts in the Midwest. Dickes, a tall redhead with sparkling, friendly eyes, sighed as she looked out the large window. “We are right in the middle of it.”

City Sprouts is a...

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Know Your Farmer

Terra Sorenson drove up in a golf cart wearing pigtails and a dirty off-white newsboy cap. Today is CSA harvest day. It’s 8:30 in the morning and she along with her business partners Matthew Hall and Max Brummond already have a thick coat of soil caked to their arms and legs.

“Hi,” she said popping out of the cart to shake my hand before unloading armfuls of dark, red Chioggia and Detroit Dark beets onto a makeshift farm stand table. “It’s nice to meet you.”

In a few short hours Rhizosphere Farm CSA members will arrive to pick up stacks of Montovano fennel, bunches of beets, tri-colored Dragon carrots, Tendercrisp celery, Crimson Forest onions and Bintje potatoes. The food is as...

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If you’ve been curious about Argentinian wines, swing by WineStyles at1006 South 74th Plaza this Wednesday, August 10th to sample some Malbecs and Torrontes. The event starts at 5 p.m. and is a mere $5 (free if you’re a member of their wine club). For more info call 402-884-6696

The Food Network took time out from its reality shows and cake-baking contests to identify the top pizza in each state. Omaha’s venerable La Casa got the nod, with its classic ground beef, tomato and cheese pie. The Food Network noted you should really use a knife and fork to eat the pizza, which raises the question of whether they’ve had La Casa pizza, which is admittedly awesome, but thinner than Giada de...

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Safe Adventure

Tanduri Fusion is a small Indian restaurant hidden among the ever-changing and expanding shops of Lakeside Hills Plaza. I heard about Tanduri Fusion from friends who live in that part of Omaha.

The restaurant is in its fourth year, and Kishor Karki has been the sole owner for two years. Tanduri Fusion offers authentic Northern Indian cuisine in addition to menu items that have a special twist of flavor. If you are afraid to experiment in new flavors and cuisines, then Tanduri Fusion may very well be your connection to a superb Indian meal here in Omaha.

I left the ordering to our friends. I’m easy to dine out with because there are very few items I don’t like, much less won’t try. We...

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