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The Perfect Paring: A Rye Tasting at Library Pub

Appreciating the small things had a whole new meaning on January 25th. A little bit of rye, a little bit of food, a lot of overwhelming intoxication of the senses. Nearly delirious with the memory of soft scallop, creamy egg, and the friendly, sweet burn of whiskey, my husband and I could hardly find the words to discuss the incredible tastes and smells of that evening.

But let me try.

Library Pub played host...


Infusion Brewing Company is Ready To Launch Wilson and Washburn, 1407 Harney, are hosting the Infusion Brewing Co. Launch Party on Thurs. Jan. 30 at 6 p.m. featuring their new craft beer line. All beers are sold in a flight or by the glass. Wilson and Washburn will also offer a menu complimenting the beers' flavor profiles. Bring on the Scooter's Scooter's Coffeehouse, which was founded in 1998 in Omaha, Ne....

Swine Dining

Swine Dining This swine is mighty fine. By Tamsen Butler I really like BBQ, but only when it’s done right. If you hand me a slab of substandard meat and smother it with some sickly sweet sauce designed for nothing more than to mask the fact that you’re handing me a slab of substandard meat, then I will scowl at you. Ask my husband and he will likely tell you that my scowl is to be avoided at all costs. So when...

Food Focus: Bagels

Food Focus: Bagels Better Bagels at the Bin By Tamsen Butler My grandfather was always very particular about bagels. If you handed him a bagel that he didn’t consider authentic, he would grumble something in Yiddish and start talking about what bagels were like in New York, where he was originally from. Heaven help you if you asked for “just a little cream cheese, please,” because when it was time for bagels...

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