New film looks at growing a healthy, sustainable food culture

With words like justice, security, healthy and sustainable increasingly attached to food in America, two Omaha filmmakers with an undisguised POV have plugged into the sustainable edibles culture with a new documentary.

In Growing Cities urban agriculture advocates Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette present farming operations around the nation as smart remedies to inner city food deserts. The doc's. 7 p.m. Film Streams screening on Oct. 29 will be followed by a Q&A with the creators.

Writer-director Susman, cinematographer Monbouquette and production manager Brent Lubbert logged 13,500 miles in a Dodge Caravan van on a three-month road trip to 20 cities in 2011. They searched out the...

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A Taste of History: A Trip to Templeton Rye

In 1920, Prohibition turned American farmers into outlaws, and numerous farms throughout the nation began distilling, storing and selling alcohol for the bootlegging industry. Templeton, Iowa, was one of those places, where a number of talented people began selling a popular whiskey known as Templeton Rye. Prized for its smooth finish, it quickly became Al Capone’s favorite whiskey, and the product became popular in hundreds of underground speakeasies throughout the Midwest.

After 85 years, the staunch laws of Prohibition are long gone, but the popularity of Templeton Rye is not. After years, and many illegal bottles, the first legal batch was produced in 2006. Currently, 4800 bottles...

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Old Market Masters of the Cocktail

The first of three installments on cocktails in Omaha calls for one part experience, one part skill, and one part passion as we chat with some of the Old Market’s best craft bartenders.

The New Kids on the Block

Brock Miller was general manager at the venerable Bourbon Theater in Lincoln before he met Ethan Bondelid, co-owner at House of Loom, last year.

Bondelid was looking to open a new craft cocktail bar. Brock had a passion for cocktails. A match was made.

Together with Luke Edson, who also worked at the Bourbon, he moved to Omaha last year with the goal of helping to develop the extensive original cocktail list at Bondelid’s newest endeavor, The Berry and Rye, in the Old...

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Going Green: The Greenest Restaurants in Omaha

When I was a kid there was a product offered by McDonald’s called the McDLT. I know I’m dating myself here by admitting that I remember this monstrosity, but if you’ve never heard of the McDLT allow me to explain why I mention this sandwich. As I did some research about green restaurants in the Omaha area, I couldn’t help but remember back to when people started to realize that the McDLT –which was served in a huge Styrofoam container that kept the meat and bottom bun separate from the condiments and upper bun- was not the smartest idea as far as the environment was concerned. During my brief stint as a McDonald’s worker in high school I remember glaring –yes, glaring- at anyone who...

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Opening Echo Coffee

Justin Schaffner is very laid back. Have a conversation with him and you’ll undoubtedly hear him say, “Oh, no worries!” at least two or three times because he says that a lot. It’s amazing that he’s so calm considering the past two years have been filled with uncertainty and frustration as he tried to open the doors to his coffee shop.

He remembers when the idea to start a business first came to him; it was during a party where he and his friends joked about getting together to open a coffee shop. What he didn’t know was that one of the people listening in on the conversation just so happened to know a woman who was looking for someone to open a coffee shop in a new building. What...

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Table Grace Café: Doing Good and Filling Bellies



I had to wait a few minutes before chef Matt Weber was available to chat, so I took some time to wander around and get a feel for this place. What I already knew about Table Grace Café is that it’s a place that offers food for a free-will offering. They don’t suggest a certain amount of money as a donation – you just give what you feel like giving and nobody knows how much you donated because it all goes into a wooden box at the counter. Just learning that was enough to prompt me to stop in and have a look around.

I’m not sure what I was expecting to find at Table Grace Café. I suppose I envisioned a soup kitchen type-vibe, but instead what I found was a quaint restaurant filled...

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