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Omaha’s Culinary Culture Rises

Paul piero and kye

New Tables

In a food-centric city like Omaha, doors are always opening and closing. Coffee shops, ice cream parlors and pizza places are always looking to add their names to the best of the best, and casual dining spots elevate their craft to compete with the most gourmet games in town. The Reader has taken a look at some of the most promising recently opened [and soon-to-open] menus in the area to create a new-to-do list for...

The Cutting Edge

The cutting edge of Omaha’s culinary scene is sharp and swift, slicing the city wide open to possibilities and to characters ready and willing to realize them. Trying to find the carefully honed edge of the craft is a rabbit hole, and I learned that each chef in Omaha will have drawn deep inspiration from another, creating a circle leading straight back to where it began. This infinite loop of respect, humility and...

Secret penguin

My Fave Place

If you were to ask your friends and co-workers what the best restaurant in Omaha is, you would have set into motion the argument that starts World War III. There are the obvious contenders, the classics and the ultra-hip, modern choices. Best is broad and subjective, and invites arguments over everything from ambiance to apple pie. If, however, you ask someone where their favorite restaurant is, you've started a...

Local Entree-preneurs Take It To The Streets

Something to Truck About

One local restaurant owner has raised quite a controversy over the location and taxation of food trucks in the Old Market. Michael Henery has filed a suit against the city claiming that food truck owners have cost him customers, and that laws regulating which establishments pay a 2.5% restaurant tax are unconstitutional. Owner of Michaels in the Old Market, Henery is suing the city for not...

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