Get Your Holiday Drink On

I’m a big fan of the tastes of the holidays. Pumpkin, chocolate, mint, gingerbread…I’ll take them all! So when holiday flavors are added to cocktails, I pretty much lose my mind.

Instead of advising you to go to every bar and restaurant out there and drink up a storm, I did some research to narrow down the choices to give you a better idea of where you can find the best holiday drinks. So here’s a roundup of some of the holiday drinks you don’t want to miss this season followed by some tips from surviving the next day after indulging.

Brix at Midtown Crossing offers an adult version of a s’mores hot chocolate. This makes me very happy indeed.

Benson Brewery has a limited quantity...

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7M Grill’s Wednesdays at 1

7M Chef Aron Mackevicius likes to take normal comfort foods and add his own little twist to it.

 “7M Grill offers a comfort fusion menu,” says Front of House Manager Robyn Davis.

One of his most popular dishes is his Caribbean chicken. He takes a coconut chicken breast and serves it over cilantro rice with black bean and corn salsa on the side and a mango jalapeno cream sauce on top of it along with curried bananas.

That particular dish has been on 7M’s menu since day one. Another popular pick is Mackevicius’ coffee dusted salmon which is paired with a sriracha risotto and has a mango guacamole on top, drizzled in white chocolate cream sauce.

Chef Mackevicius comes up with many of these...

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A Club With a View

Back when Omaha was still brand new, an idea fostered over a game of cards evolved into one of the longest running clubs in local history. Boasting some of the best journalists in the country as members, the Omaha Press Club has been dedicated to promoting and celebrating the world of local media for over 45 years.

History proved to test the strength of this idea for a writer’s haven, as events like Prohibition and World War II changed priorities for men nationwide. In 1937, The Omaha World Herald was the sole source of daily news for most of Omaha. As the war raged on in Europe and tore at the fabric in American society, it was an exciting time to be a journalist. Local writers in Omaha...

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A Day Out in the Orchard

Fall means colorful leaves crunching under foot, warm apple pies and spooky, carved pumpkins. Fortunately, whether you’re interested in one or all three of the above things, one of the best places to find them is at a local orchard.

And you’re in luck because our region has lots of great places to find that perfectly shaped pumpkin or ripe, juicy apples all while walking on leaves and, in some cases, taking a ride over some hay.

For those who aren’t sure where to begin, I put together this list for you of a few local places and some of the fun they provide.

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch

20 miles west of Omaha is Vala’s Pumpkin Patch where you can find the perfect pumpkin for carving and a whole...

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Alton Brown Invades Omaha

When I watched a preview snippet of Alton’s Brown Edible Inevitable tour I was confused as to what the show would actually entail. From what I could tell, there will be food and music. There will also be comedy and maybe some stuff exploding. Or, at least, that’s what I gathered when I saw that the folks in the front row are urged to wear plastic ponchos.

“What I wanted to develop was a culinary variety show, a kind of old-style variety show where there’s a lot of different things going on all kind of centered around food,” Alton told me. “Of course, a variety show has to have live music so I do some of my food songs, which are hopefully hilarious.” He laughs and adds, “They make me laugh...

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Celebrate Food!

The issue of food insecurity is one that is too familiar here in the United States. Recognizing this nationwide dire issue, the Center for Science in the Public Interest created Food Day, a nationwide event meant to highlight the importance of food availability, and enhance community investment in the health of local food systems. 

In an effort to promote the availability of local food for all, the Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition partnered with The Reader, the Omaha Farmers Market and other local vendors to organize our own Food Day celebration, held on October 11th on 11th and Howard Street. "Our food day is celebrated during the end of harvest season and during the wind down of the...

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