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2014: The Year of Nomnomnom


Get Your Holiday Drink On


7M Grill’s Wednesdays at 1


A Club With a View


A Day Out in the Orchard


Alton Brown Invades Omaha


Celebrate Food!




Eat Like a Nebraskan Pioneer


Moveable Meal in Midtown

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The Pork Processing Plot Thickens

A group of people with families to feed and mortgages to pay are putting their jobs and their futures at risk to shed light on a public health issue.

A very controversial pilot program is being targeted by The Food Integrity Campaign in a Change.Org petition. The petition urges the largest manufacturer of pork, Hormel, not to expand a program which speeds up processing lines by 20% and deregulates meat inspection....


Family Drama, New Lasagna

The Dream

It’s the stuff truly happy stories are made of; A family opens a restaurant around one brother’s love of culinary arts and the other’s passion for vintage style and video games. Everyone eats pizza and they all live happily ever after.
It sounds like a fool proof formula, yet the owners of Be'ne Pizza and Pasta on West Maple road were calling on Robert Irvine and the cast of Restaurant Impossible for help...

Eat Your Veggies

The time I spent as a strict vegetarian was years ago before restaurants started offering meatless options beyond side salads and noodles with butter. So I can appreciate the fact that I can now stroll into just about any restaurant and have at least one or two good options to choose from that don’t have any meat in them. 

I’m not a vegetarian anymore, but my nearly twenty years as a vegetarian taught me that food...

Dish Predictions: 2015

There are many dining trends that we predicted last year that are humming right along and very likely to increase further still in 2015. For example, sourcing food locally and leaning more toward seasonal ingredients is now par for the course with most local restaurants.

We’re quickly moving into a food era where everyone wants to tell you everything about what you’re about to eat. Servers can tell you where your...

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