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A 12 Hour Culinary Tour of the World


Coffee Talk with Isa Moscowitz


Omaha’s Culinary Culture Rises


Guest Writer Reviews Market House


Summer Time, And The Dining Is Easy


Where In The World Series




Plant Your Dollars And See What Grows


The Pork Processing Plot Thickens


Family Drama, New Lasagna

Over easy

Nick Bartholomew: A Study in Taking it (Over) Easy

A Dream on Fire

Having seen the scarred remains of 11th and Howard first hand, I thought for a long time about what I would say to Market House owner Nick Bartholomew when I met him for lunch at his West Omaha eatery, Over Easy. I had decided the tragedy of it all has been well communicated and was resolved not to discuss the damage or any of what he lost, but to focus instead on his other ventures. I knew he was...

Ramen competition

New Arrivals

Omaha was drowning in awards and accolades in 2015 for their foodie culture, local sourcing, extensive wine and beer craft, sustainability, and vegan friendliness. Being on-trend can often create a revolving-door effect in the restaurant industry, as fads change and doors close. We looked at some of the newest promising eateries in 2015, and how they are keeping Omaha at the pinnacle of food culture.



In Memorium

Omaha has become a city known for foodie culture, but restaurants have about the same success rate as your standard American marriage. 2015 saw the end of restaurants both beloved and bemoaned by Omaha residents. Today, we say our farewells.

McFoster’s Leaves Their Mark Before Saying So-Long

December of 2014 saw the doors of the beloved McFoster’s Natural Kind Café close after 20 years. The plant-based menu was a...

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Table For One

No Reservations- For One

In the madness of a digitally connected world, there is beauty in the calm of a meal. Details like the smell of the bread, the marbling of meat, and the connectedness of the food and your pleasure centers become the unwavering star of this small snippet of time. And I am not just talking about having a meal without your phone in hand. I’m talking about the undeniable enjoyment of eating a...

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