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7M Grill’s Wednesdays at 1


A Club With a View


A Day Out in the Orchard


Alton Brown Invades Omaha


Celebrate Food!




Eat Like a Nebraskan Pioneer


Moveable Meal in Midtown


Omaha’s Community Gardens


Food, Fun and Family at Piccolo Pete’s


Eat Your Veggies

The time I spent as a strict vegetarian was years ago before restaurants started offering meatless options beyond side salads and noodles with butter. So I can appreciate the fact that I can now stroll into just about any restaurant and have at least one or two good options to choose from that don’t have any meat in them. 

I’m not a vegetarian anymore, but my nearly twenty years as a vegetarian taught me that food...

Dish Predictions: 2015

There are many dining trends that we predicted last year that are humming right along and very likely to increase further still in 2015. For example, sourcing food locally and leaning more toward seasonal ingredients is now par for the course with most local restaurants.

We’re quickly moving into a food era where everyone wants to tell you everything about what you’re about to eat. Servers can tell you where your...

2014: The Year of Nomnomnom

The problem with reflecting upon this year is that it makes me very, very hungry. Here in the Omaha area we were lucky to have such a huge, ready selection when it came to finding something to eat and I certainly don’t see that trend changing anytime soon. So when I think about all the places the Dish team visited and reviewed, my stomach starts to grumble.

Local? Yep.

At the end of last year, former Dish...

Get Your Holiday Drink On

I’m a big fan of the tastes of the holidays. Pumpkin, chocolate, mint, gingerbread…I’ll take them all! So when holiday flavors are added to cocktails, I pretty much lose my mind.

Instead of advising you to go to every bar and restaurant out there and drink up a storm, I did some research to narrow down the choices to give you a better idea of where you can find the best holiday drinks. So here’s a roundup of some...

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