Bella Vita Bella Elkhorn

Although snow flurries are in the distant past, I have fond memories of last winter when in February I set out to find some of the best places in the Metro area preparing the brilliant dish, Osso Buco. The traditional Italian dish is comprised of braised veal shanks, loosely translated as ‘hollow bone’ or ‘whole bone’ for the prized bone marrow inside the shank.  On a recommendation, I tried Bella Vita to test their version of Osso Buco.

When I arrived in the afternoon, snow flurries began to swirl around the historic buildings of downtown Elkhorn.  Clearly, this was a sign; it was a perfect day to have Osso Buco. The atmosphere was very comfortable and inviting - attractive chairs with...

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Safe Adventure

Tanduri Fusion is a small Indian restaurant hidden among the ever-changing and expanding shops of Lakeside Hills Plaza. I heard about Tanduri Fusion from friends who live in that part of Omaha.

The restaurant is in its fourth year, and Kishor Karki has been the sole owner for two years. Tanduri Fusion offers authentic Northern Indian cuisine in addition to menu items that have a special twist of flavor. If you are afraid to experiment in new flavors and cuisines, then Tanduri Fusion may very well be your connection to a superb Indian meal here in Omaha.

I left the ordering to our friends. I’m easy to dine out with because there are very few items I don’t like, much less won’t try. We...

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Good Pub

Walking into the Jackson Street Tavern, what guesses would you make about the establishment? It’s in the Old Market, and has an outdoor dining area decorated with beer signs. The word “tavern” is featured in the name. You’d probably guess it’s a bar emphasizing brews, burgers and chicken wings. You’d be wrong. Jackson Street Tavern does sell drinks, but it also features an ambitious food menu, with prices to match. My wife and I visited on a quiet Sunday night. We started with the Tuna Not-Chos appetizer ($12), featuring small tuna slices with wonton chips, avocado and mango salsa. The fish was well seasoned and the flavors worked well together, but there was only a tiny...

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There Goes My Gyro

El Basha Mediterranean Grill is an inconspicuous place, but those who find it will likely enjoy it. The small restaurant at 75th and Pacific serves expertly prepared Mediterranean food at reasonable prices in humble surroundings. I visited El Basha on a Saturday night with my family. We started with Baba Ghanuje appetizer ($5.50), featuring smoked eggplant pureed with sesame, garlic, and lemon juice, and served with pita bread. I’ve had this dish at a few other places, and this was my favorite version so far, with a strong lemon flavor. I ordered the Falafel Wrap ($5.99), with falafel patties, salad greens and tahini sauce in a pita. Falafel is sometimes overwhelmed by sauce, but this...

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<p>Manager Angela Reding and General Manager Martin Janica (pictured), both new to the Old Market restaurant at 10th and Jones, have kept Urban Wine Company’s focus on vino while incorporating a new cocktail menu, too. “We are forming a new identity,” Reding says.  </p> In Good Company

Urban Wine Company still has plenty of wine, but it’s getting into creative cocktails in a big way. According to manager Angela Reding, changes have been happening at the Old Market wine bar for the last year, but have been accelerated by the arrival of new general manager Martin Janica (who is also well-known in Omaha for his abilities as a flair bartender). “We are forming a new identity,” Reding says. “In the past, we maybe did too many different things at once. Now we are focusing on offering a comfortable place to enjoy a small plate and a glass of wine, or a beer or cocktail if you’re not a wine drinker.” Janica previously worked at the Old Market Tavern and Embassy...

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<p>Chef Matthew Taylor in Omaha at the Emerging Terrain facility south of the Field Club Trail. Taylor moved from Minnesota a year ago to take a job as chef at the Lied Lodge and Conference Center in Nebraska City. </p> Conference Call

Maybe the last thing chef Matthew Taylor expected a year ago was to be living in Nebraska City and working as the executive chef at the Lied Lodge and Conference Center. He was a co-owner of Rivers, an Italian restaurant in Grand Rapids, Minn., which was doing well. Then he got a recruiting call from the conference center and on a whim took a personality survey. “It took two hours to take it,” says Taylor, “and because I wasn’t looking for a job I was completely honest. I thought, if these people call me back after this, I will be amazed. They did and paid for a plane ticket to come down. I came and toured the place and I absolutely fell in love with the mission.” The Lied Lodge...

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