Storz Brewing Beer and Memories

One of Omaha's oldest brands, Storz beer, is back after nearly a half-century absence and locals are lapping up the suds with gusto.

Two Storz family relatives, cousins Tom and John Markel, are reviving the brand as a beer and as the Storz Trophy Room Grill & Brewery in the former Rick's Boatyard on Omaha's downtown riverfront. Chef-restauranteur Yves Menard (Charlie's on the Lake) is a partner in the new eatery and micro brewery slated to open Nov. 15.

A cylindrical brick chimney is all that's left of the old brewery on North 16th Street. The smokestack can be seen from the restaurant's upper floor, where a Storz memorabilia museum is planned. Tom Markel says he's been deluged by...

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Food Focus: Buffalo Wings

Ask my eight year old son Abram where the best buffalo wings are and he will tell you with complete confidence that the very best buffalo wings are served at Buffalo Wild Wings. I think there are two reasons why he’d respond that way; the first is that Buffalo Wild Wings has a candy machine, and the second reason is because –in my experience- the best buffalo wings are served in somewhat obscure bars, and I don’t make a habit of taking my young son to bars even if the food is good.

So don’t take my son’s word for it unless you’re a big fan of candy machines. Instead, check out some of the other places in the Omaha area that people swear have the best buffalo wings around.

Old Mattress...

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Oils, vinegars and other food accents core of new midtown store

Jim Trebbien has been knocking around the Omaha food scene awhile, the last 25-plus years as dean of culinary arts, hospitality and horticulture at Metropolitan Community College. During that time he's seen the local food culture evolve from parochial to cosmopolitan and Omaha diners and home cooks grow more adventurous in kind.

"Omaha's always had good food," he says. "It was just more simple food. You know, a great steak prepared very well. Now, what type of food can't you get here?"

He says thanks to a strong chef community, the Food Network and the  farm to table movement "people have learned to love good food again and are just fascinated with exploring new foods and flavors.""


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Discovering Dishcrawl

Reading the chalkboard at Kitchen Table, I sipped on a fennel bourbon and listened to the excited chatter of the crowd behind me, anticipating a dinner unlike one I had ever participated in. The first course would be served on Farnam St., the second on 10th St. Bourbon at every stop except dessert. Our walk between each of the four courses made me anticipate the next mystery stop and new food adventure. Three hours later, I had made new connections and sampled some of the best vegan food in Omaha.

This is Dishcrawl.

Dishcrawl, a three year old San Jose startup, organizes events and gatherings for people who love to explore meals in their cities. Dishcrawl is walking tour with a theme....

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The Search for Sangria

In a town brimming with craft breweries, it can be difficult to crave another beverage. But summer in Nebraska is notorious for heat that can make you beg for something fruity and chilled. Something sweet but potent.

Enter the world of sangria. It’s not just for ladies who lunch.

To drink sangria means to taste a bit of European history. This mix of red Bordeaux and either brandy or fruit juice has been drank from Spain to Sicily for hundreds of years. Introduced to the United States in 1964 at the World’s Fair, it quickly had a following. From easy to drink red wine, to lollipop sweet rieslings, there is no shortage of ways to vary up your daily serving of fruit.

Omaha has plenty...

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Kitchen Table: Slow Food Fast

When I spoke with Jessica Duggan of Kitchen Table they had just finished up their second full week of being open. Together with her husband Colin, this eatery has been their dream for years and she’s thrilled that everything has come together so nicely. “We always knew we were going to do this,” she says. “Everyone in the neighborhood has been really great.”

When she talks about the neighborhood, it’s not as if she’s not from around here. Granted, she and Colin spent a few years living in San Francisco after having grown up in Omaha, but it was the space where Kitchen Table now stands that lured them back. “We came back to visit last fall and fell in love with the spot. We moved back in...

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