Nosh Restaurant and Wine Lounge

My husband’s boss loves Nosh Restaurant and Wine Lounge, and not only because she lives right next to it in a fabulous loft, but because they have such an impressive, extensive wine inventory and really good food. So even though I’m not the biggest fan of wine (yeah, I know, I’m lame) I wanted to check it out for myself since I’m indeed a huge fan of good food.

Can we all just agree to move past the fact that I don’t really drink wine and get to the part where we talk about the food?

Granted, the drink selection at Nosh is quite dazzling. There are over 100 wines from which to choose and there are also mixed drinks and beers available. I should mention that the beer isn’t on tap and is...

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HuTong Sushi Grill

As you read this, you are sitting (or standing, or unicycling; I don’t judge) approximately 5,761 miles from the nearest ocean. That’s right, I did the math. Yet somehow, Omaha manages to have a thriving sushi scene. We’ve got everyone from the Nigiri newbie to the Sashimi snob, and a wide enough range of sushi shacks to satisfy them all.

However, at some point, the sushi has to be about the flavor and not about the hip bar, the Instagram of you and your friends with sake bombers, or what sauce the kitchen can cover your panko crusted mystery meat in to hide the fact that the last fish delivery was nine days ago.

Enter an unlikely hero: HuTong Sushigrill.

Located in a stripmall in La...

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Meet Me at Marks

Any proper crisp fall afternoon should include a leisurely stroll, crunching through the leaves on the streets of Dundee. That said, any dewy spring day or hot summer night should include a similar scenario.

Where else can you find a quiet coffee spot, hip sandwich shop, romantic date on a patio, or occasional celebrity sighting over a glass of wine?
And where in the world can you find all of this under one roof? Specifically, under the roof of a charismatic turn of the century house now known as Marks Bistro.
The charming bistro has fed regulars for 11 years, but also finds itself hosting the occasional big name. So big, in fact, that they use only one. Names like Bono, Buffett, and...

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Taco Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday?

I searched high and low for the best tacos in the area. After running around all over town, I now present to you my two new favorite places for tacos.

Mula – Trendy Tacos

I went to Mula with my husband and a couple of friends, each of us resolved to try different tacos so we could compare notes.

One of the first things we decided to order was Mula’s yucca fries which are served with a tomatillo ketchup. In a word, this was “delish.” They are crispier than regular fries and not greasy at all. These are authentically prepared according to one of my friends who recently returned from a trip to Peru where he had yucca fries prepared in a pretty similar fashion.

The tomatillo ketchup was...

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Home Is Where the Havarti Is

Wisconsin is cold. Just the name of the state conjures images of snow, ice fishing and other cold stuff. And perhaps due to this extreme temperature, the people of Wisconsin know how to be warm. Their homes are cozy and you will instantly be offered a blanket and the story of how the owner’s favorite aunt knitted it for the arrival of a grandnephew.

Wisconsinites always have a story

Stepping into the charming NorthWoods Cheese Haus in Papillion is very similar to stepping into your aunt’s home. I was almost surprised not to find a fat cat and a giant over-stuffed couch on which to sit while chatting with the owners, sisters Diana Rayment and Darleene Evitch.

The interior is composed of...

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Farnam House Brewing Company

The first thing I noticed when I started talking to Tony Thomas about Farnam House Brewing Company is that he had a look on his face that I recognize. It’s the same face artists make when they create something they’re insanely proud of. It’s the face I make when my kids do something clever, and I decide they’re clever because I made them that way. It’s what my brother jokingly refers to as a “smug smirk of satisfaction,” or “ssmos” for short.

You see, Tony’s been at this whole idea of opening a brewery for quite some time. He didn’t just one day lean over to his friend Phil Doerr and in a drunken stupor slur, “We should totally open a brewery.” No, Tony’s dream of opening a brewery has...

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