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Heartland Healing

Red Meat Roulette

Heartland Healing

Watermelon, Man

Doctor Mysterian

The End of Government

Comic Con Report — Day Three & Four

Theater Pick


Doctor Mysterian

The End of Government

Anarchism is about to have its moment. The political philosophy, defined by a rejection of the state, will become the politics of choice for an enormous number of disaffected Americans who feel they have no home in any mainstream political party.

Newspaper columnists will panic, assuming we are about to return to a time of political dynamiting, but an overwhelming majority of new anarchist groups will be peaceful....

Logo Comic Con Report — Day Three & Four

The heart of Comic-Con is the exhibition floor — a Superdome-sized space jammed corner-to-corner with artists, retailers and showrooms for studios and toy/collectible manufacturers.   Imagine if SXSW lined every musician in one room, and asked them to play simultaneously.  That’s Comic-Con.

When the floor reaches critical mass, the crowd is pressed together shoulder-to-shoulder, shuffling through like penguins on a...

Theater Pick

Tim burton2 Septemburton

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema La Vista location is participating in the month-long celebration of the peculiar filmmaker who produced such works as Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Beetlejuice, Batman (1989), and Alice in Wonderland (2010). You guessed it, Johnny Depp loving, the out of the ordinary, freakily entertaining, the one and only, Tim Burton. With a new movie being released this month, Miss Peregrine’s...

Dap More Prairie, Less Pizzazz

He may not have superpowers, but Dapose shares at least one characteristic with any number of comic book heroes — that of maintaining dual identities.

By day he is simply Michael Dappen, the mild-mannered guy slinging mulch at Indian Creek Nursery or maybe toiling away in some pastoral site as a landscaper under the guise of The Natural Gardener.

The Natural Gardener? Okay, let’s make that three identities.


Heartland Healing

2016.07.26 not milk-2 Not Milk

Junk mail. We all get it. Sure, in a lot of cases it’s called “spam” these days. But the snail-mail hardcopy still finds its way to the front door. Like most people, I just give it a cursory glance and relegate it to the recycle bag. Usually, it’s not much more than an annoyance. It’s about stuff I wouldn’t have or don’t have any use for at all. So it’s really not much of a problem, just wasteful.

But occasionally,...

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