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Heartland Healing

Red Meat Roulette

Heartland Healing

Watermelon, Man

Doctor Mysterian

The End of Government

Comic Con Report — Day Three & Four

Theater Pick


The digital graveyard

The strangest funerary custom to come will be the memorializing of the dead online. It has already started with little monuments and the like left in online games that have persistent worlds, such as Eve and Second Life. But in the future there will be gamers who donate money to online spaces to build structures named after them, which will remain long into the future, as we do with earthly monuments now. There will...

Theater Pick

Daniel tiger A Grrrr-ific Show

PBS hit series “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” is the legacy of “Mister Rogers Neighborhood.” Similar to the iconic childhood show filled with imagination, life lessons, and puppet friends, "Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood" is also centered in a make-believe world. Daniel, the animated tiger, wears a familiar red sweater and he and his friends learn social skills necessary for school and life. The show uses musical...

Heartland Healing

2016.04.05 sick-building reader-2 Sick Building Syndrome

Several years ago, when the local powers decided to avail themselves of the phenomenon of “trickle-up economics,” — you know, where political and corporate fat cats reap the rewards of public tax dollars, — the vaunted Orpheum Theatre was placed on the sacrificial altar. Though it had served as an acclaimed proscenium for 75 years, paid so-called experts proclaimed that the acoustics of the theatre were inadequate....

Visual Art Pick

Douglas co history fashion show Vintage Fashion Show

The Douglas County Historical Society’s (DCHS) will be hosting their sixth Annual Women Defining History Luncheon and Runway Show. Dazzling and Daring: Fashions of the 1920s and 30s is the theme for this year featuring vintage fashions from “Yesterday’s Lady,” a Susan McLain vintage clothing museum and salon. The DCHS will also be presenting their annual “Women Defining History” award to Carol Gendler. This award...

Doctor Mysterian

There will be blood

Our blood will no longer be recognizable in the future. It will be filled with man-made products, designed to indefinitely extend our lives. There will be synthetic blood, which will heal wounds faster than real blood. There will be genetically engineered bio-organisms designed to battle specific diseases and infections, injected into us in the way that vaccines are now. There will be nanobots, built to do things...

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