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The Year the Music Died

Heartland Healing


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Heartland Healing


Ms Heart on Fire

The last time I was at M’s Pub was about a month ago. It was after our work Christmas party and my friend and I had decided we were going to stretch this Sunday Fun-day out. So we hit our favorite haunts, making M’s our second stop.

After our first round of drinks, I decided to step outside for a smoke. My friend joined me, even though she doesn’t smoke. As we stood there chatting, we saw a woman bend over in the...

Making community and conversation where you find it

Last August Stuart Chittenden traversed Neb. to test drive the idea that interpersonal communication is intrinsic to building community. 

He called the project "A Couple of 830 Mile Long Conversations." With support from Humanities Nebraska, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment,  the Omaha Creative Institute, plus Indie GoGo funding, he set out to meet Nebraskans where they are. He communed in bars, bakeries, cafes,...

Doctor Mysterian

Water, water everywhere

Water will cease to be potable in the next five years. A previously unknown pathogen will find its way into our water supplies, and, despite our best efforts, will render drinking water unsafe. It will be something that cannot be boiled out or strained out, and will possibly be of extraterrestrial origin.

However, the pathogen will not be able to survive in alcoholic drinks. We will see the return of "small beer,"...

Heartland Healing

2016.01.05 blue eye photo-2 The Eyes Have It

Imagine we lived just about 100 years ago and I pulled you aside and said it was possible to touch a couple wires to your chest and tell you if you might have a heart attack. Not only that, show you how each heartbeat can trace a line on graph paper. You’d be skeptical. But within a couple years, the electrocardiograph machine would be doing just that.

Even today, most people probably don’t understand why or how...

Doctor Mysterian

The end of time

There will be no future. By this, I mean that humans are about to undergo an enormous transition, in that we will cease to see time chronologically and ever pushing forward. Instead, we will experience a transformation of consciousness that sees all events happening simultaneously, and affecting each other. This sort of quantum understanding of time has long been the norm in science, but out of reach of daily human...

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