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Girl Power

Two to One

Doctor Mysterian

The Year the Music Died

Heartland Healing


Theater Pick

Amy Schumer

Heartland Healing

2016.01.26 joint-2 Peaceful, Easy Feeling

I stopped smoking pot in 1969. Glenn Frey didn’t know that when he turned toward me in the control room of Studio B during the making of One of These Nights. In his outstretched fingertips was a smoldering joint he had just rolled and ignited. “Here, man. This is da kine. Tommy had to go all the way to Tarzana for this.”

“No, Glenn, I can’t smoke that stuff anymore. It gets me too fucked up,” I argued. He looked...

Visual Art Pick

Ron campbell “We All Live In a Yellow Submarine”

The legendary Ron Campbell, Director of The Beatles 1960’s Saturday-Morning Cartoon series and animator of the film Yellow Submarine, will be visiting Omaha for a special exhibit. Not only will Campbell’s original Beatles cartoon paintings created specially for this Gallery 72 exhibit, but new Beatles pop art pieces will be created live. The Beatles Cartoon series aired on ABC from September 25, 1965 through spring...

Visual Arts Feature

An old Hollywood hand living in Omaha comes out of the shadows

Omaha is the adopted home of veteran Hollywood screenwriter and literary novelist John Kaye, 74, whose memoirs are published by the Los Angeles Review of Books

The mercurial Kaye came 17-months ago from northern California to work on a new novel (his third) and immerse himself "deep" in a fictional Omaha subplot. 

"I wanted to take a risk with what I was doing. The best decision I made," he said from his...

Visual Art Pick

Nelovesps NElovePS

The organization dedicating their time to educate and support public schools by documenting stories happening all across Nebraska schools is known as Nebraska Loves Public Schools (NelovesPS). Since 2011 this organization has been documenting stories of those involved in public schools and on Wednesday, Jan. 27 participants are invited to host or attend watch parties of the film Consider the Alternative. Viewers...

Doctor Mysterian

Our insect future

The future will belong to the insects. Even now, unseen by men, enormous hives of insects are amassing under the earth, prompted by an evolving insect intelligence. Unlike ours, their intelligence is a group intelligence, and it is telling them that humans are an invasive, destructive species.

We will soon be at war with the insects. They will rise from beneath us, and burrow into our homes, and consume our foods....

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