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Heartland Healing

Death for Profit

Heartland Healing

Crystal Reality

Doctor Mysterian

A series of short predictions

Doctor Mysterian

The Bed Dream Time

Heartland Healing

GMO Shell Game

Heartland Healing

2016.03.01 bacteria-2 Gut Punch

One of my favorite moments from just a couple years ago was when a local med school student called in to a radio show I was guesting on. The show’s hosts, Dr. Shawn Schmidt and the late Don Vassos, and I were discussing real food and the role of digestion in health. Shortly before they opened the phones up for listener questions and comments, I offered the fact that non-human cells in our body outnumber the human...

Over The Edge

Kingdonald The King of America

When I wrote a column late last year saying you'd all be sorry when Donald Trump was out of the 2016 presidential picture, I figured he'd be long gone by now. And yet, as of this writing -- the morning after he strongly won the South Carolina Republican primary -- he's still very much in the race.  

Not so John Ellis Bush, who was pounded so badly in the primary it left him stuttering behind a microphone thanking...

Doctor Mysterian

The future of dating

The world of dating is about to become very difficult for a new generation of teenagers. They have been raised in a world in which everything passes through social media, in real time. To their advantage, they will already know an enormous amount about someone before they go out with them. On the downside, dates will very much be a public, spectator event, with daters sharing everything through social media as it...

Heartland Healing

2016.02.23 spice 2-camel-caravan-2 Spice of Life

Spices are a difficult category to define. About the only common characteristic that gilds the group is that they are always plant material of some sort. Spices can be seeds, flowers, bark, roots, flower parts, leaves, resins, saps or other plant products. Spices have the historical connotation of exotic origins and it’s true of most. Historically, Asia, India, tropical islands and the Far East were the main sources...

Theater Pick

Janelynch Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch is most likely a name you recognize, whether from the TV sensational character Sue Sylvester in “Glee,” her performances in the abundance of other shows and movies or from being the host of NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night.” Maybe you have read her autobiography, “Happy Accidents” or perhaps you saw her Broadway debut as Miss Hannigan in Annie. Whichever iconic role you know Lynch from, her comedic, sarcastic...

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