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Heartland Healing

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Drew-davies Design Interview: Drew Davies

Drew Davies - owner/design director of Oxide Design Co. and national co-president of AIGA

What drew you to your particular field?
I didn’t know graphic design existed as an actual thing until my sophomore year in college. But looking back, even as a young child I was always fascinated by icons, symbols, logos, and the like. I’ve always been interested in art, but design was the way I found to bring my need for...

Heartland Healing

Dirt-2 Biophobia: The Global Epidemic

Health officials, both in the United States and internationally, have rightfully noted that the irrational fear associated with the Ebola crisis in Africa is more dangerous than the disease itself. Fear causes people to do all sorts of crazy things. Fear makes people pick up guns and shoot other people. Fear makes people lock doors and keep lights on all night long, illuminating empty buildings and wasting...

9864547595 cd9ec09ffe h Sustainability Interview: Jane Kleeb

Jane Kleeb - founder and executive director of Bold Nebraska (boldnebraska.org)

What role do you and your organization play in sustainability?
At Bold, we see ourselves as bringing citizen participation to sustainability; democracy and citizen participation is at the core of everything Bold does, making sure there is a more diverse and independent voice in our politics in our state. So we see our role in connecting...

Logo Sustainability Interview: Dr. Donald A. Wilhite

Dr. Donald A. Wilhite - professor of applied climate science in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Natural Resources (snr.unl.edu); coordinating author for UNL’s recent report on climate change; founding director of the National Drought Mitigation Center and the International Drought Information Center at UNL

What role do you and your organization play in sustainability?
Obviously, the School of Natural...

Logo Sustainability Interview: W. Cecil Steward

W. Cecil Steward - founder, president and CEO of the Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities (ecospheres.com)

What role do you and your organization play in sustainability?
I founded the nonprofit in 1996 when I was still dean of architecture at UNL and I founded it out of a perception that unless there was a steady group of people, organizations and resources, we were always going to be behind the curve;...

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