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Heartland Healing

Red Meat Roulette

Heartland Healing

Watermelon, Man

Doctor Mysterian

The End of Government

Comic Con Report — Day Three & Four

More Prairie, Less Pizzazz

Doctor Mysterian

<p>Look to the skies!</p> Tomorrow: The Dragon

One of the maddest programs in genetic research will come about in 50 years, when a science fiction and fantasy obsessed cult uses genetic engineering to literally create a dragon. Their first attempts will be small, lizard-like things that cannot fly nor breathe fire, and live abbreviated, unhappy lives. But as they continue to breed the creatures and tinker with its genetics, they will produce monsters of enormous...

Over The Edge

Dereckhigginsphoto The Reality of Living the Dream

Before you turn the last page on this month's topic — Work — let me tell you the story of Dereck Higgins, one of the area's most celebrated and talented musicians and how Higgins' work shifted from drudgery to art.

First, for those of you who don't know Dereck, Higgins is a respected bass player and multi-instrumentalist whose body of work stretches back to the '80s, most notably as a member of Omaha New Wave /...

Heartland Healing

Lube job-reader-2 Lube Job

In those intimate moments when stroking is sexy and friction is foe, we sometimes reach for that little tube of love lube to assist the ultimate body language. In modern times that means venerable Vaseline or the gelatinous K-Y. As sexual mores of the later 20th century expanded and our, ahem, tastes matured, personal lubricants and intimate care products became a niche market. That market has climaxed with an...

Terry Work Interview: Terry Victor

Terry Victor - vice president, Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local #3 (sheetmetalworkerslocal3.org); union member since 1989

What are the best resources locally and online for our local workforce to advance their careers?
We’re a labor union; we’re not an employer. If you don’t know much about labor unions, we provide labor for our contractors. We provide skilled labor; we educate that labor and...

Colleen Work Interview: Colleen Plasek

Colleen Plasek - career coach, Bellevue University (http://www.bellevue.edu/student-support/career-services/career-services

What are the best resources locally and online for our local workforce to advance their careers?
What I recommend to people locally here in the Omaha market, Careerlink (careerlink.com) is a great resource. But I also use Indeed (indeed.com) a lot because they work in different ways. The...

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