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Doctor Mysterian

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Over The Edge

Silver & Gold: 25 Years in a Cab with Mike Tulis

Heartland Healing


Doctor Mysterian

The Way of the Wolf

Theater Review

Playhouse Does Producers Right

Monique Work Interview: Monique Cribbs

Monique Cribbs - career exploration and development manager, Metropolitan Community College (http://www.mccneb.edu

What are the best resources locally and online for our local workforce to advance their careers?
We partner with the Nebraska Department of Labor, and we utilize their NE Works website (neworks.nebraska.gov). The reason we do so is because first of all, the purpose of the Department of Labor is to...

Debbie Work Interview: Debbie Christensen

Work defines us. One of the first “get-to-know-you” questions people will ask is, “What do you do?” An individual’s social status is determined largely by factors stemming from his or her career success, and our entire educational system is built around making us contributing members of society. And while a great career can be financially and personally fulfilling, enriching your life and giving you something to...

Doctor Mysterian

<p>The future of mass entertainment.</p> I’m so board in the USA

Omaha is at the start of a national trend. Soon, board game bars and cafes will open throughout America, offering access to hundreds or even thousands of games for a small fee. Teams will form, and leagues, and a board-game craze will sweep the country. There will be YouTube channels exclusively devoted to watching skilled board game players compete with each other, and the best will go pro. Board games will start...

Heartland Healing

2015.04.27-2 Happy Dirt is Nature’s Prozac

Recently we wrote about the human proclivity to kill everything. We called the cause of this behavior, “biophobia” or a fear of life. We stomp on bugs, sometimes just because we can. We hunt giant mammals and shoot them for sport. We kill other humans for a variety of reasons. And everywhere, we try to eliminate every bacteria or virus we possibly can in the mistaken belief that it will keep us safe and healthy. The...

Doctor Mysterian

<p>Get ready for a lot of reading.</p> The Long Tale

We are entering an era of extremely long-form storytelling. While there was a time when a three-hour movie was considered long and a 600-page book was considered enormous, we are now in a time when stories can be told in a variety of formats as an ongoing concern. These will not be like the stories of old, where a television soap opera might run 20 years and tell hundreds of stories. Instead, the stories will be...

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