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Heartland Healing

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Visual Art Pick

“We All Live In a Yellow Submarine”

Visual Art Pick


Doctor Mysterian

Our insect future

Heartland Healing

Do nothing. Rest afterwards.

Doctor Mysterian

Water, water everywhere

Water will cease to be potable in the next five years. A previously unknown pathogen will find its way into our water supplies, and, despite our best efforts, will render drinking water unsafe. It will be something that cannot be boiled out or strained out, and will possibly be of extraterrestrial origin.

However, the pathogen will not be able to survive in alcoholic drinks. We will see the return of "small beer,"...

Heartland Healing

2016.01.05 blue eye photo-2 The Eyes Have It

Imagine we lived just about 100 years ago and I pulled you aside and said it was possible to touch a couple wires to your chest and tell you if you might have a heart attack. Not only that, show you how each heartbeat can trace a line on graph paper. You’d be skeptical. But within a couple years, the electrocardiograph machine would be doing just that.

Even today, most people probably don’t understand why or how...

Doctor Mysterian

The end of time

There will be no future. By this, I mean that humans are about to undergo an enormous transition, in that we will cease to see time chronologically and ever pushing forward. Instead, we will experience a transformation of consciousness that sees all events happening simultaneously, and affecting each other. This sort of quantum understanding of time has long been the norm in science, but out of reach of daily human...

Over The Edge

Oteyear-end2015 Looking back, looking forward…

When you think back on 2015, what are the first things that pop into your head? Quick like a bunny. What are your most important memories of the past year?

The first things that pop into my head:

— The Paris massacre. Bleak television reports of kids at a rock concert getting gunned down in cold blood by terrorists. The scene in my mind is horrific — kids just like the ones I see at local rock shows running and...

Doctor Mysterian

The persistence of poor decisions

The future will hold quite a few unpleasant surprises, and one of the biggest will be the persistence of comments made on social media. People who make thoughtless, ill-considered, or nakedly hateful comments will find themselves haunted by them for years. They will apply for jobs and not get hired, they will ask people out on dates and be rejected, and they will find themselves shunned by their social groups and...

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