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Heartland Healing


Pick: Red Wanting Blue

Feb. 9
Red Wanting Blue
The Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St.
9 p.m., $8, onepercentproductions.com

Red Wanting Blue may just be turning up on the radars of those who love honest, hooky heartland rock, but the band has been around 16 years since forming on the campus of Ohio University. The band, led by singer Scott Terry, now calls Columbus, Ohio home. Terry's deep, road-roughened voice is the highlight....


Pick: Twin Sister

Feb. 15
Twin Sister w/ Ava Luna
The Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St.
9 p.m., $10, onepercentproductions.com

Long Island, N.Y. indie-poppers build their songs from a foundation of '70s soft-rock and '80s new-wave, then pile on the hipper touches like chillwave and dream-pop. Vocalist Andrea Estella leads the way with an understated delivery, while the band locks into smooth grooves with ease. Light synth...

<p>  Dr. John Janovy Jr.</p> A Scientific Litmus Teset

Power comes with responsibility, believes Dr. John Janovy, Jr., Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences at University of Nebraska Lincoln.

"An ability to clearly articulate an understanding of basic evolutionary biology equivalent to that given in a freshman course,” he says, “should be a litmus test for scientific literacy among people in positions of power.”

On the 203rd anniversary of Charles Darwin’s...



Save the date for a philanthropic fashion show from an organization fittingly named, Style Omaha Help All (SOHA). SOHA’s mission is to highlight local businesses and non-profits while incorporating fashion, philanthropy and community spirit into an event that fosters unity, charity and awareness. Proceeds from SOHA’s inaugural fashion show will provide support to the Abide Network, a non-profit organization that...

Ruining Eyesight One Email at a Time

We are damaging our eyesight by choosing to look at the light rather than to see with light. Taken to the extreme, looking into the light is not a good thing. No one would go outside and stare directly into the sun. Staring at length into a computer screen, television or smartphone isn’t a good thing, either.

For a couple million years, the human eye has developed by seeing the world around us in the light....

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