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Theater Review

-“Recommended?” Yes to Premiere Play

Theater Review

Playhouse Premieres Family Fun

Theater Review

Doin’ it for Sugar and Bette Swanson

Theater Review

Lion King Roars Its Return to Orpheum

Theater Review

Brigit Lives Up to O’Neill Classic

Theater Review

Beehive Just Gets Better

They lined up 20 years ago outside the Howard St. Tavern, waiting to hear Beehive bring back 1960s rock n’ roll. And they packed The Waiting Room on Maple Street  200-strong Saturday to hear the same songs.

Dylan, et al, tell us times are achangin’, so you expect the voices of Sue Booton, Ginny Herman, Kathy Tyree, Tiffany White-Welchen and two who joined them a little later, Donna Ball and Jean Peterson,  to...

Theater Review

Witches Meet Santa, Elves

Doug and Laura Marr have so much fun doing Witch Way to the North Pole at their Circle Theatre that it doesn’t matter if you’re a grade-schooler fascinated by its young witches and elves or adults entertained by all the pop culture tidbits.

His writing and her directing are aided by a high-energy performance from a third-grader named Katya Reason who plays Lisbeth, a sassy little witch who wants to see the real...

Theater Review

Music Plays On, Comics Cavort

“If music be the food of love, play on. Give me an excess of it.” So begins Twelfth Night at the Joslyn Castle.

But the Brigit St. Brigit company’s only excess comes in sound of laughter bouncing off the handsome satinwood walls of the Castle’s elegant music room. The romantic comedy has been called Will Shakespeare’s most musical play and this cast can claim it as the funniest.

It not only opens with that...

Theater Review

WOW! Playhouse Opening Exceeds All Expectations

I couldn’t bear to leave the Omaha Community Playhouse after seeing August: Osage County. I was eager as a giddy school girl to celebrate the brilliance of an epic script and performances so powerful I grieved for those who didn’t find a place in director Amy Lane’s “dream team” cast.

Never have I expected so much from an award-winning drama and yet found it exceeding the highest expectations. It has been...

Theater Review

Scots Rockers Ambition vs. Romance

The title, Rooms: a Rock Romance, gives you a good idea of the genre, but what about the “Rooms”?  One hint comes from this comparison of the couple, a romancing pair of musicians:
“She longs to see every room in the world — he longs to stay in his.”

She’s bubbly ambitious Monica and he’s rumpled laidback Ian, two Scottish rockers starting in Glasgow in the 1970s. They’re played by two UNL students, Jaime...

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