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Dining Section

Coffee Talk with Isa Moscowitz

Every time I drive by Isa Moscowitz’s restaurant on Saddle Creek, David Bowie’s “Modern Love” immediately starts playing in my head. Being a huge Bowie fan meant the name always stood out to me, and I imagined the song had to be the namesake of the small vegan place that has been on the lips of all my vegan and vegetarian friends.

As it turns out, the tune was not the inspiration for the name of Omaha’s only...

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<p>Look ahead: Tomorrow's festivals may include inexpected sacrifices</p>

Beware the town festival

A strange trend will start in American in the next few years: Small-town festivals. These will start out saturated in Americana, including American flags and men dressed as Uncle Sam. But they will quickly become idiosyncratic, as locals start to recreate their regional history, or local legends, or small-town heroes.

These festivals will vie with each other for national attention, especially as reality television...

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2015 Music Issue—The Venues: O’Leaver’s

My, how O'Leaver's has grown. Or maybe "evolved" is a better word. 

When the bar, located at 1322 So. Saddle Creek Rd., changed from being a Nascar-loving hole-in-the wall to a pseudo music venue way back in September 2002, no one expected it to be more than a place to host an occasional local rock show. Owners Chris Mello and Sean Conway made their money off the facility's expansive sand volleyball courts and...

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I Hate Lists: Hoodoo’s Bands We Like

I hate lists.I don't really read them and I hate compiling them. That said, our owner-publisher-editor John Heaston loves lists and think others do too. When it comes to music lists, I think they are just as likely to be divisive as to be helpful. So, this list is just a starting point if you are interested in local roots music. I'm sure there are some bands out there I haven't heard yet, or bands that are on other...

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Photo5 kinkybootstour photobymatthewmurphy

Coots in Boots

Joe Coots was in Baltimore when we talked, but Kinky Boots was headed here so he was busy lining up Orpheum tickets for his Omaha cousins.

The musical that swept six Tony awards two years ago and arrives in Nebraska Oct. 20 isn’t the first job to bring the former football player to the Orpheum Theater. He played another big guy in The Full Monty, giving the ex-offensive lineman a chance to play Good Samaritan by...

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