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Raashan Ahmad February 13

            Oakland native Raashan Ahmad is perhaps the most congenial artist to ever walk the face of this earth. As a member of the Oakland hip-hop collective, Crown City Rockers, Ahmad exuded positivity as he effortlessly rhymed over funk-da-fied bass lines and colorful keys. Ahmad has been performing for years and only recently really started blossoming on his own. That has required a ton of work. Sleepless nights, endless hours in the car traveling from city to city, and lots of time in the studio have defined his life in many ways, however, it’s all been done with a smile on his face. He spent a few months in New Mexico working on his latest album, Ceremony, and perhaps, with the album on the horizon, the time has come for Raashan Ahmad to get the attention he truly deserves. I still can’t believe I travel and rap for a living,” he says. “It is absolutely humbling and a dream come true. Even though I still struggle financially, sometimes I feel extremely blessed and feel the responsibility to give back and that process of giving and receiving is what pushes me.” –Kyle Eustice


Raashan Ahmad with Coolzey, Galvanized Tron and more, February 13th, at The Hideout, 322 S. 72nd St., 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $7. Visit http://www.raashan.net for more information.

posted at 08:40 am
on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013


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