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Omaha Chamber Music Society:

Music as Medicine

Thursday, November 21st

Omaha Chamber Music Society – Music as Medicine

Durham Outpatient Center – West Atrium, 42nd and Emile Streets

Noon p.m.; No fee to attend


Thomas Kluge, Principal Violist of the Omaha Symphony, said Music as Medicine is a great opportunity for musicians to perform outside of a typical concert hall.

“I take preparation for these performances as seriously as for any concert,” explained Kluge.

He said about half of the audience that go to the Music as Medicine concerts just drop-in. They’re on their way to another part of the Medical Center and may only stay for a few minutes.

“When I peek up from the sheet music, I see these folks with smiles on their faces. I believe those smiles prove that music does truly provide a kind of medicine,” Kluge said.

November’s performance features Offutt Brass.  

posted at 04:30 pm
on Friday, November 15th, 2013


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