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'Ark' by Omaha artist Peter Cales is featured among 37 artists in Joslyn Art Museum's juried exhibit, 'Art Seen.'

Local Color

‘Art Seen’ at Joslyn features regional palette of artists from Omaha to Lincoln

Art Seen: A Juried Exhibition of Artists from Omaha to Lincoln opens June 21st at Joslyn Art Museum.  Consisting of artists living and working in our region today, this exhibit promises to be a wide-ranging look at the vibrant and expansive works being created here in Nebraska. Subjects range from personal narratives to social issues and contemporary approaches to painting, sculpture and fabric.

37 artists are included; with 21 from Omaha and 16 from Lincoln. With a nod to the rising number of women making art seriously, 17 are female, 20 male.

Karin Campbell, Phil Willson Contemporary Curator has been at the Joslyn for three years now—time to have developed an understanding of the local art scene. Campbell has teamed with Bill Arning, Director of the Houston Museum of Contemporary Arts, to launch the exhibit. The goal of these highly-attuned curators is to reflect what is being done in the contemporary art scene, moving from the obsessive problem solving seen in Ying Zhu to the unique and thoughtful perspective of painter Sarah Rowe.

James Bockelman, oil painter from Lincoln, will have nine paintings in the show, which gives the viewer a more complete understanding of the breadth of his work. Peter Cales’ “Ark”, shown, is a well-crafted wood assemblage, which is also a rocking chair. The show is open through October 11.

posted at 05:02 am
on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015


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