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Music Issue 2010: In Memory — It’s True!

I’ve probably told you the story about the first time I heard Adam Hawkins play. It was in the basement at an after-hours party in midtown Omaha. I’d seen his ungraceful entrance to the party — somehow slipping and falling up the uphill driveway — and so I was perhaps even more impressed when he strummed an acoustic guitar and intoned striking lyrics to a soon-to-be rapt crowd in the small subterranean space. When Hawkins united with local standouts Kyle Harvey, Andrew Bailie, Karl Houfek and Matt Arbeiter under Hawkins’ moniker It’s True!, I knew it was going to be magic, and I said as much to anyone who would listen. Sure enough, they quickly became everyone’s new favorite band. They reliably killed it onstage. They put out a fantastic self-titled record. They stormed SXSW, even making NPR’s “Austin 100” list. They impressed the mixed horde at MAHA. And then, just as swiftly as it all came together, entropy thrashed it apart, callously breaking the hearts of many an Omaha music-lover. An early November Facebook status on the band’s page stated It’s True! was beginning work on a new album. (Yes, like many a heartbroken ex we still check your Facebook page.) But while future incarnations of the band may swell to great heights, for now we mourn this just-passed moment in time. In recent years the too-soon breakup has become too common amongst local bands, but we never expected it to be you, It’s True! We really thought you would “make it,” in every sense of the term. You belong on the list this year, fellas, but instead we celebrate the memory of every time we had one of your emotive tracks stuck in our head; for every time someone tapped us on the shoulder at one of your blistering live shows, having already fallen under your spell, and asked, “Who are these guys?”

posted at 11:05 pm
on Wednesday, December 01st, 2010


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