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Hair Fall

Experts at Seven Salon give good fall makeup and hair

Shannon Stickman is seeing some new styles this fall that call on some older looks while pushing forward with new ones.

Stickman, co-owner of Seven Salon (located near 120th and maple) says key this fall is a “nautural look.” “I’m seeing a lot of work with natural highlights,” Stickman says. “There is more variation between the scalp and ends of the hair ... you see a lot of ruby and punch-looking colors.”

Also big for fall: asymmetry, side parts, severe side parts, beautiful braids and ballerina buns. “I’ve noticed a lot of hairstyles that describe past decades, especially the 1920s.

Fall’s accents are also evolving. “Deep plum is very popular,” Stickman says. There’s a lot of work with hair clips and accessories for hair.

Strong lipstick with nude eyes is showing up. too. “Usually the eyes have defined eyelashes with little eyeliner.”


Hair by Arielle at Seven Salon: The color chosen
for the model is an evolved version of ombre still
showcasing lighter ends with the strong blondes
around the face. Tonally inspired by the fall metals
and timeless jewelry, this antique dark blond brings
out her blue eyes beautifully.

Makeup by Nicki at Seven Salon: With a ’50s pin-up
influence, the wing tip and strong defined brow assist
in bringing out her eyes and making her look “pop”
with color. The nude lip is complimentary to the
strong eye area for a more classic effect. Brown
shadows in the lid area continue the classic feel to
finish off this fall glam look.

Image by Stickman Photography

posted at 09:15 pm
on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012


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