Dereck Higgins announces vinyl release

* Dereck Higgins has released a vinyl edition of his Dereck 3 EP, which originally came out on CD-R back in 2007. That original run of 200 copies sold out as Higgins trekked across Europe with Son, Ambulance he wrote to The Reader. Then last fall, Higgins posted some videos of songs from the release via his YouTube channel, where Higgins also talks about his own recent record purchases. He burned a second batch of CD-R copies, which sold out in a day. Subsequently, he mentioned in a video that if someone loaned him money for a vinyl run of the album, they would be certain to make their money back. Within an hour of posting the video, two investors offered to send money to fund the release. While Higgins initial order of 250 albums was cut short, resulting in 81 copies on red vinyl and 135 on black vinyl. The red copies sold out just from pre-orders and the investors made their money back before the album was pressed. Higgins plans to use his profits from the album to fund his next recording project.

* The Omana Entertainment and Arts Awards have set an earlier date for their upcoming summer showcase, which will be June 8th and 9th at various Benson bars and venues. Organizers are still compiling the band line-up for the event.

* Witness Tree are the latest band to turn to to raise funds for an album release. The band, which reformed in 2008, has gone 12 years since its last album. The band is just over half the way to its $2,000 goal. The band is offering a selection of handwritten "Thank You" notes, album downloads, private shows within 500 miles of Omaha and a signed Fender Telecaster for various donation amounts. The fund raising expires Monday, April 16th.

* The Brownville Concert Series 22nd season starts with KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler's tribute to George Gershwin, "Gershwin - Here to Stay" April 20th through April 22nd at the Brownville Concert Hall in Brownville. For more information and ticket prices , visit

posted at 07:46 am
on Tuesday, March 27th, 2012


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