Cutting Room for September 20

  • Kids these days with their YouTubes and their Vines on their iPhones and iPads, watching clips and things. In my day, you used to watch one movie for a reasonable length of time and you liked it! Maybe me and these whippersnappers can split the difference with the help of Film Streams’ Ruth Sokolof Theater. Together with curator Jackson Street Booksellers, Film Streams has unveiled its fourth annual Local Filmmakers Showcase, running Oct 17-24. There are six films by seven filmmakers (Pat Clark, Ryle Smith, Sally Nelson Barrett, Joseph Knapp, Kelly Rush, Jerry Johnston and Pat Aylward) combined in on 98-minute block. So your Generation Ys or Millennials or whatever can satisfy short attention spans and fans of yesteryear can watch a movie-length feature. For more information, use one of them fancy gizmos to go to And get off my lawn!
  • She’s not done acting, but Cate Blanchett has been so badass in front of the camera, if she chose to drop the mic and walk away, no one could talk smack. But seeking another challenge, the luminous talent is going to turn Herman Koch’s novel “The Dinner” into her first directorial effort. Described as a “psychological thriller,” the film will involve two families that are forced to make a hard decision set in motion by their sons over a tension-filled meal. So, basically it’s what happens at the Syrek household at Thanksgiving when there’s only one piece of dark meat left.
  • Adam Sandler, tired of producing cancerous movie spam, has agreed to do two grown-up movies that aren’t Grown Up movies. The Cobbler, which is an indie drama from director Thomas McCarthy, and Men, Women & Children, a dark satire from director Jason Reitman, mark what appears to be Sandler “trying” again. Who knows if it will work, but even a slight delay in the inevitable Grown Ups 3 gives us a chance to become better people and reject it when it gets here.

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posted at 09:37 pm
on Friday, September 20th, 2013


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