Cutting Room for January 31

  • The Internet broke in half this summer when Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie. Since then, we’ve barely held the information superhighway together with superglue, positive thinking and lots of pornography. But that all changed the moment that Jesse Eisenberg was announced as Lex Luthor. The fact that Eisenberg both has hair and is a young person whipped denizens of the Internet into a cyber-riot that has irrevocably broken the World Wide Web, as bookstore owners feel pretty good about life for the first time in a decade.
  • Director David O. Russell and Jennifer Lawrence apparently want to see what they can get away with. Having gotten scores and scores of nominations and awards for their collaborations in the mediocre Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, the duo want to know if we’ll literally give them trophies for whatever they do. Next up may well be a movie about the inventor of the Miracle Mop, with Lawrence playing said mopstress, Joy Mangano. This just in, Lawrence has already won a Golden Globe for the performance she has yet to film.
  • In the “nothing good can last” department, Shia LaBeouf has already unretired. Three weeks after his hissy fit stemming from an act of plagiarism he committed, The Boof booked a role alongside Bill Murray in Rock the Kasbah, where he will be joined by Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride and Zooey Deschanel. With a cast that good, there’s a small chance even The Boof can’t screw it up.
  • They are making a Back to the Future musical. Set to appear next year on London’s West End, the original team of writer Bob Gale and director Robert Zemeckis are working alongside producers to turn a much beloved 80s classic into a song-and-dance vehicle because modern society doesn’t know when to quit. Those who just thought “at least it’s not a remake” haven’t envisioned the soft-shoe number  in the middle of the jaunty tune “1.21 Gigawatts of Love!”

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posted at 11:53 pm
on Friday, January 31st, 2014


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