<p>  Jeremy Lafrentz of Backstage Entertainment interviews Aaron Bruno, lead singer of Awolnation</p>

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Jeremy Lafrentz of Backstage Entertainment interviews Aaron Bruno, lead singer of Awolnation

Awolnation, Mother Mother, and Blondfire at Sokol Auditorium

Backstage Entertainment interviews Awolnation and other supporting bands at Sokol Auditorium

For months now, many Awolnation fans have been anticipating the show that was in Omaha at Sokol Auditorium on April 8th. The band came to town to a sold out venue with support from Mother Mother and Blondfire. All of the bands were thrilled at how well the tour has been going and it was no different that Monday night in Omaha.

The night before Q98.5 hosted Awolnation in their Q Lounge for a select group of fans to enjoy a special set. Due to an unfortunate event, the show had to be cancelled when the radio station and band could not come to terms on a banner that would be hanging behind the band when performing. Aaron Bruno, lead vocalist of Awolnation, responded to the night in an exclusive interview with us. Below there are links to the video taken as staff of the station made the announcement to the fans of the show being cancelled as well as the full interview and clip with Aaron and his response.

We also got a chance to talk to Erica and Steve from Blondfire. They talked about the recent EP release of "Where the Kids Are" as well as how much fun they've been having on the tour with everyone involved. They drew questions from our "BSE Box" and picked some pretty funny actions to go along with it while answering. With actions of Steve "pooping his pants" and Erica "starring in a porn film," the interview was hilarious and they did a great job with our fan submitted questions.

Backstage Entertainment also interviewed Ryan from Mother Mother. Ryan was full of insight and was a good sport when he drew his questions from our box and had to do an answer using exaggerated hand gestures. He talked about their recent album, "The Sticks," and how it differed from their other three studio albums.

Make sure to check out the links below for our interviews and photos from the interviews on Backstage Entertainment’s page.

Awolnation CANCELS Q985 Leine Lounge show!!

Aaron Bruno Response - Backstage Entertainment Interview

Awolnation FULL Interview

Mother Mother Interview

Blondfire Interview

Interview Photos

Article courtesy of Jeremy Lafrentz of Backstage Entertainment. Check out their interviews, photos and contests to win autographed prizes by going to their Facebook page and clicking “Like” on the page: Backstage Entertainment.

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on Friday, April 12th, 2013


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