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Brilliant nastiness takes over a tight arena


‘Woolf’ is a Beast of a Challenge


‘Art in Motion:’


Brilliant nastiness takes over a tight arena.


Park Avenue Pride


The survivor in a terrorized society speaks.


Heavy Metal Magic


Our Town is Must-See




After the funeral, a second dead man can still speak

Animutts-blue lady

‘Art in Motion:’

In a world filled with YouTube, Vine, Vimeo or whatever the latest and greatest source of shared video, it seems increasingly odd that we don’t get to see much in the way of anything calling itself Video Art in the Metro.

Vinton Street seems to be coming to the rescue, first with R.T. Murphy at Project Project in April, followed by Gallery 72 with its upcoming offering Art in Motion: Animations by the AniMutts,...

Brilliant nastiness takes over a tight arena.

The minute you sit on the periphery of Jim Othuse’s well-furnished, substantial-looking living room at Community Playhouse’s Howard Drew Theatre you know that there’s a kind of truth to be witnessed.  What lies ahead are circa three hours of dynamic,compelling life made vivid and real by a fine quartet of Omaha actors.

Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? takes over the stage, grabbing your attention....

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Park Avenue Pride

Fresh off community-based art projects in North Omaha in the last three years, artist Watie White is ready to launch his latest effort on behalf of Midtown, specifically in the Park Avenue area.

On May 17, a mural, 80’ tall and 40’ wide and created by White, will be unveiled on the north face of the Park Ave Tower, 1340 Park Ave. It will take place in conjunction with a neighborhood block party from 2-5 p.m....

The survivor in a terrorized society speaks.

Darkness encircles three people. Two of them need to talk to you. To explain who they are and what they have done. A third sits beside them at a massive wooden table piled with books and papers. Minds at work. Sometimes the first two talk about the other. Trying less to understand him than to understand what all three of them have done in the deadly, superficially civilized society, in which their lives are...

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